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Two Point Campus Happiness Guide: How To Make Students Happy

How to make education slightly less miserable.


Students are an intolerable nuisance, but unfortunately, they pay for your monthly bonus and other incentives. That means you have to keep them happy. Sometimes just borderline content is enough, but other times, Two Point Campus actually requires you to elevate their joy past a certain threshold. I know, what a bother. With this guide, you’ll at the very least be able to remove some thought and experimentation from the onerous process. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything to make the students show some appreciation. Here's what you need to know about happiness in Two Point Campus.

Keep their wants accessible

It’s not a matter of how many toilets you have, it’s their distribution. Don’t just build one big bathroom, stick it in the corner of campus, and check that off your list. Students stick to a strict timetable, and if they can’t reach the toilet before cheeseball practice starts, they’ll simply hold it, dragging down their mood. Sure, that’s not your problem, but you can help them out.

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Make sure that almost every building on your campus has places to rest, vending machines to feed your students, places to wash and do their business, and something to entertain them. This doesn’t mean you need a student lounge in every building (but you could); it just means you need to make use of more items to keep the objects of their desires easily accessible.

Fill your schedule with events

A great way to boost student happiness is to hold various events around campus: competitions, movie viewings, concerts, and parties. So long as you’re making enough money, there isn’t any real reason not to just cram your schedule full. You can book a rotation of bands in the student union and keep the cheeseball field full between practices. It can be somewhat repetitive, but a lot of events have the option of repeating every year.

Where are those lasers coming from?
Where are those lasers coming from?

You can also keep the fun going longer. Those red marks at the edges of the scheduled events? Those are handles that can be dragged out. So rather than have a party last a paltry quarter-month, you can fill up a bigger chunk of time. Just make sure to keep the good times rolling, and your students will remain happy like the sheep they are.

If you’re already deep into one of the stages and run into a student happiness goal, this is the easiest way to get the herd of dullards up above that threshold.

Help them fall in love

How does love work? Benches, apparently. Relationships build on a scale. They level up essentially. To help your students lead a fulfilling social life, you need to provide items for each of these levels. This starts with a simple bench or watercooler, then advances to a bench with hearts on it. To go further than that, you’ll have to look into more exotic items like love trumpets, a garden of roses, and a bed with hearts on it.

I wonder what that's like.
I wonder what that's like.

Finding these are pretty easy. Open your general items menu. There’s a tab on the left specifically for relationship items which will pair them down to only what you need. You can then hover over them to see what levels they cover. Just make sure to plop these down frequently. Once again, it’s distribution and not the simple matter of providing them. Apparently, students will do anything for love except for walk long distances.

Keep an eye on your accommodations

This may shock you, but your students have an opinion on where they put their feet up at night. A simple bed isn’t enough; they demand beds that have few people as possible sleeping in them. They don’t, however, need privacy, so feel free to make your dorms look more like barracks.

There’s a simple way to tell if your accommodations are cutting the mustard. Simply select a dorm room to see the rating of your accommodations. If it’s too low, you can improve them by either plopping down more beds or increasing the attractiveness of their dorm rooms. While you’re at it, make sure there are vending machines, arcade cabinets, and washrooms nearby.

Train your staff in comedic timing

Teachers and assistants can also positively affect student mood. There’s one stat that you can slot in with their other skills called comedic timing, which has the chance of applying a status modifier to the students they interact with. This will boost the student’s happiness temporarily.

It’s something of a time-consuming and expensive way to keep a smile on their faces. However, once you get past the initial cost and inflated wages, it’s extremely affective to have an army of happy-makers at your command. It’s not a bad idea to simply hire assistants already trained in comedic timing to man your shops and club stands. As long as the students are interacting with someone who has the skill, they’ll always have a spring in their step.

Increase the attractiveness of your campus

While students are at university to learn and not to look at trees, their surroundings have an effect on their emotional well-being. Once again, having an attractive campus is a matter of distribution and not quantity. You’ll need to slap up some wall art and plant trees every few steps, or students will become temporarily distraught by pockets of despair. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you should at least make sure it looks nice wherever they linger.

Are you happy yet?
Are you happy yet?

A helpful way to make sure you’ve got decent coverage is to use the attractiveness view from your list of visualizations. This will paint your perspective green where it’s pretty, blank where it’s not, and brown where there’s trash that needs to be cleaned up.

Remember both their mental and physical health

Failing at everything you do is stressful, and some courses can take their toll on the body. Most students don’t want to walk around with an injury, and it can be a major drain on their happiness. Likewise, friendship can only go so far when it comes to venting their issues. The solution is to make sure that they have easy access to health facilities that focus on both their mental and physical well-being.

This comes down to having enough pastoral support and medical offices, as well as the assistants that need them. Depending on your coursework, you might need quite a few medical offices. Wizardry, for example, often results in pumpkin heads, so if you have that on your timetable, you’ll need to be sure that students have ample space to get the gourd removed. You can also upgrade your medical offices, which might be the way to go if you’re out of space but still have a lot of injured students.

Pastoral support is more a matter of population. We all have our bad days, and mental health support can mean the difference between dropping out and learning to love yourself despite how poorly you did in school. For more on the new sim, check out our Two Point Campus review, tips for beginners, and a guide on making money quickly.

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