Two Of Battlefield 2042's Most Popular Portal Modes Will Stay In Rotation "For The Foreseeable Future"

Flashback Conquest and Infantry Conquest will be sticking around, with a few changes.


One of two popular Battlefield Portal modes in Battlefield 2042 will be featured in each Battlefield Portal rotation update "for the foreseeable future."

Traditionally, featured modes in Battlefield Portal change on a regular basis, and have been the home for limited-time events like the Christmas-themed Attack of the Elves mode, among others. Sometimes these modes are made by the developers at DICE and Ripple Effect themselves, while other times they can be community creations. With this change, either Flashback Conquest or Infantry Conquest will be included in the featured modes for Battlefield Portal for what sounds like a long time.

The change is due to the fact that the two modes are among Battlefield Portal's most popular. As such, instead of rotating them out, the developers want to continue offering experiences that players enjoy.

Changes are coming to the actual modes themselves as well. The two Battlefield 1942 maps that were once part of Flashback Conquest--which also includes maps from various Battlefield titles like Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3--have been removed, with the official Battlefield Direct Communications Twitter stating the developers have heard feedback that including maps from Battlefield 1942 in the mode "disrupts the flow of the experience."

Infantry Conquest--which is the franchise's traditional Conquest gametype albeit more focused on "boots on the ground" gameplay--will see the MAV vehicle removed, which the Battlefield Direct Communications account states was too disruptive.

Battlefield 2042 recently received major changes to how earning XP works in custom games, and now restricts progression and XP earned based on what rules have been modified in any given custom game experience. The first season of new content for Battlefield 2042 is slated to arrive this summer, following a long list of post-launch updates that have added things like a scoreboard, voice chat, and major balance changes. When Battlefield 2042's first season does arrive, it will bring with it significant map changes as well as a new specialist.

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