Two new Yakuza projects loaded

Sega announces the date of the sequel, and says a full-length movie adaptation by Takahashi Miike is on the way.


According to, the release of Phantasy Star Universe was not the only thing going down at Sega's Japan branch today. The company made a surprise announcement of two projects related to Ryu ga Gotoku, the hit gangster action game directed by Toshihiro Nagoshi. The game will be released under the title Yakuza for the West in September.

Although Yakuza has yet to be released, its Japanese forebear already has a sequel lined up. Ryu ga Gotoku 2 is scheduled for release on December 7 in Japan. Like its predecessor, it will be a PlayStation 2 exclusive. Not much else is known about the sequel, but it will apparently be set in Tokyo and Osaka. Sega has also launched the official Web site for the game.

The second big surprise is that a feature film based on Yakuza has been quietly in the works. This project was foreshadowed by director Takashi Miike's live-action prequel short film. Miike will also direct the feature-length movie, which currently has no release date.

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