Two New Sonic Games Announced, Seek to Recapture the Glory Days

Sonic Mania focuses on reimagining classic levels, while a new Sonic adventure features both retro and modern versions of Sonic.

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Sega announced two new Sonic games at its San Diego Comic-Con party to celebrate the blue hedgehog's 25th anniversary. The first game reimagines iconic levels from Sonic's past, while the second is an untitled game that stars classic and modern versions of Sonic in a new adventure against Eggman.

Sonic Mania is a 2D platformer that features visuals and gameplay reminiscent of the classic Genesis games. It revamps zones and acts from Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and Sonic & Knuckles, in addition to introducing new ones into the fold. Players who attended the Sonic party had the opportunity to try it out for themselves.

The game is developed by Sega of America in collaboration with PagodaWest Games. Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley, the people behind the remastered Sonic ports on mobile devices, are also helping with development. Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka says that we'll learn more about the game later this year.

Sonic Mania
Sonic Mania
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"Sonic Mania was born out of our fans' love of the classic Sonic 2D platform games,” said Iizuka. "This type of collaboration is a first for Sega and we hope everyone will be both surprised and delighted by this title. Sonic Mania has been a passion project for the entire team and we look forward to sharing more details about it later this year. Having the game actually playable at the event itself tonight was testament to the dedication of the team behind it.”

Sonic Mania releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in spring 2017.

The second announcement was a new adventure helmed by the Sonic Team that features both classic and modern versions of Sonic, much like 2011's Sonic Generations. No title has been revealed, but we do know that it's coming holiday 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo NX.

On top of all this, Sega made two additional announcements. Mobile game Sonic Dash has passed 200 million downloads and will receive a special in-game event that adds the Green Hill Zone and Classic Sonic as a playable character. The event only lasts a week, but players can unlock both the classic level and character for use after the event. Its available on iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phone devices.

The animated Sonic Boom series' second season was also announced, and party attendees were given a sneak peak at what Season 2 has in store. We'll learn more at a later date. The next Sonic Boom video game, Fire & Ice, is set to release September 27 exclusively on 3DS.

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Avatar image for celestespaniel

Honestly disappointed by these announcements.

It seems all Sega do these days is "try to go back to their roots".

They said they were going to do something completely new this time.. Yet they're doing exactly what they've been doing since sonic 06.

I wish they'd stop messing around and just stick to improving formulas that work.

They should never have brought classic sonic back with modern again.

Where are Sonic's friends?? Do they suddenly have no abilities to help sonic save the world anymore?

It used to be about teamwork. Well now it's all about Sonic.

And, huh, that's funny, Sonic needs help to save the world this time? Lets not have him ask his friends who all have powers themselves, let's just bring in ANOTHER Sonic!

I'm getting sick and tired of holding down a button and watching sonic zoom through the levels for me. Feels like I'm watching a movie instead of playing it myself!

Please for the love of God Sega, give us something more to do than just boosting!!

Yeah I get it, Sonic is fast, but is that the only thing he can do? I don't feel like I'm on an adventure, I feel like I'm on a one track roller coaster that takes me the exact route I need to go. Boring.

They need some elements from Adventure 1 or 2 again.

Multiple character gameplay. Exploring and multiple paths to take. A real adventure and good story.

No more of this two Sonic's stuff.

Make retro games for the retro fans, make 3D adventure games for the modern fans. Stop trying to mix the two! It doesn't work!

It was fine for generations, but it shouldn't be something you bring back.

Avatar image for sonypony4eva

Sonic and Streets of Rage were the reason I got the Genesis over the SNES lol. The SNES had Final Fantasy and I missed out.

Avatar image for excelevo

I know. A lot of people hate him, But I would like to see Shadow in Sonic Mania! Heck! even as a Mod.

Avatar image for deactivated-5802d4d9371b3

I'm sorry, but am I the only one that doesn't see the point of Sonic Mania yet? I know it's early, but so far I don't see a notable difference in those screen shots. What are they trying to do? Also, we're not in Japan; it's Doctor Robotnik, thank you very much.

Avatar image for OtherVulpe

@Pipboy360: There's a new zone being shown off, and there looks to be new areas in Green Hill (judging by the cave background). Looks like they want to try what they did with Sonic 4, only this time make it really feel like a successor to the Genesis games, rather than simply a call-back.

Nah, we can forget the older name. Think how many new younger players have come along since the Adventure days anyhow. Next thing, they would start complaining if it changed back.

Avatar image for deactivated-5802d4d9371b3

@OtherVulpe: Valid points, I just hate "Eggman". It sounds so stupid to me, and not intimidating at all. If this game ends up being a budget title, which I'm sure it will, it may have more of my attention. It seems like an interesting concept; I'm just not yet sure if I want to go to Green Hill zone AGAIN.

Avatar image for OtherVulpe

@Pipboy360: Well, he was always a more comical villain, even during the Genesis days. He was never really meant to be threatening in the games, as during the later ones, it was usually some guest villain or giant monster that wound up adding a fear factor. Since Sonic himself is a combination of so many odd ideas, I think it makes sense that way.

But true; Green Hill zone just keeps coming back, eh? I think it would be nice to see Emerald Hill or Angel Island get a little more love, if they're going to revist first levels again.

Avatar image for csward

Hasn't Sega tried this several times already...

Avatar image for leeko_link

@csward: Nope, the closest they tried was Sonic Genesis for GBA and they failed badly on that one. What's worst was that it's just a port and not really anything new.

Avatar image for Smash641

@csward: The difference with this one is that it's a 16-bit game using the retro engine, so this time, from a control perspective they finally have it right

Avatar image for TightNinja

Dear Sega,

Give Sonic a break. We need the following games made

Toe Jam and Earl 4


Streets of Rage

A new Shinobi to compete with Ninja Gaiden

Virtua Fighter 6

Panzer Dragoon

Burning Rangers 2

Nights 2

Virtua Cop Trilogy (I want to play light gun games again)

Shining Force 3 - Re release HD Remake

Jet Set Radio Future 2

Last Bronx

Fighters MegaMix

Tenchu (they have the license right?)

Double Dragon (Atlus has the license right?)


The CEO made the comment about returning to the glory days........ as we ca see above...SEGA has a lot of work to do

Avatar image for Aero_Slasher

@TightNinja: PSO2 is way past it's sell date. Let it go or just play on the Japanese servers.

I'm slightly more miffed about PS Nova than 2. The rest of your list? SEGA has no incentive when all of them have failed in the past in some capacity. Sonic, even through his blunders, remains their top brand.

(P.S. There was a NiGHTS 2. It's on Wii. It was bad.)

Avatar image for TightNinja

@Aero_Slasher: I understand your point, although many of the games mentioned weren't failures.

of the ones the were "failures" is because:

1. No one but me had a Saturn at the time :)

2. SEGA never puts forth any real effort to make the IP's successful. When SEGA release Shinobi in 2002 the literally helped revived old school hardcore platforming action in the modern area. 2 years later we get a Ninja Gaiden revival. They should have kept going.

Nintendo is always releasing sequels to their top IP's, no reason for SEGA not to do the same. They are so afraid it will fail they put in minimal effort and resources ie (Golden Axe Beast Rider) so of course it will fail.

Avatar image for petey_olivarez

@TightNinja: You forgot a new Joe & Mac game, a new Bloody Roar and Radical Rex game.

Avatar image for TightNinja

@petey_olivarez: Those weren't strictly Sega IP's, but they were fun games

Avatar image for unplugg3d

i was playing sonic before i go to elementary , but since sonic from megaDrive went on pc and become 3D it begin to bein' a very sucky game , i don't know why they don't do what street fighter did , creating a good graphical 2D version

Avatar image for playstationzone

Why a lot fans complaining about two new soinc game . Sega responed what want in soinc game still you complain. Nothing wrong with new two soinc game s. I going buy them since sega going right way if complaining dont buy them .

Avatar image for somberfox

So in truth, one new game and one rehash of old content.

Avatar image for artemis-v

@somberfox: It's literally a rom hack...

Avatar image for bigpun20_505

@somberfox: says with new levels too

Avatar image for juboner

I dont like the idea of having old sonic in the new Sonic Team game. Just make it with the new sonic and go forward.

Avatar image for Kennybob

Sonic Mania for Vita?? please....

Avatar image for andyvecc011

what happend to games when all they needed was to make them in to mario 64 style games :/

Avatar image for michiganmudder

Instead of another sonic I wish Sega would update or make a new shining force 1-3 or something like that. Always liked those games.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@michiganmudder: They could finally release all of Shining Force 3.

Avatar image for moonco

My dream was to have the original creators (Naka, Ohshima, Yasuhara) make a new 3D AAA Sonic game for the 25th anniversary. They actually got together for the 20th anniversary but that was more about reminiscing the past.

Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

The new full sonic game looks interesting.

NOT stoked about Classic sonic again. They better not spend half the game on awful 2D acts again. That half of generations was just horrible. Just horrible.

The darker tone of the trailer though? Reminds me of the tone of '06, which was awesome. They made ROBOTNIK evil in that game again, instead of being the Eggman we've all come to know who is a bumbling idiot and poses 0 threat to anyone or anything.

He's like that kid brother that threatens violence, but you just laugh in his face and he storms off to his room hahaha.

Avatar image for OtherVulpe

@skyhighgam3r: Strange that you say that. Most people I know prefered the 2D portions of the game over the 3D. But trust me, they're never going back to 06's designs and ideas again. Players would lynch them for even suggesting it.

Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

@OtherVulpe: Oh I agree, as far as design goes '06 should just be avoided completely.

The concept of Robotnik actually being evil, instead of just an idiot, is something that they desperately need to re-capture.

I haven't talked to many that liked the 2D parts of that game. The 3D part was a little less explore-ey than it should have been, but otherwise it's exactly what I want from sonic. I just want to feel like I'm running really damn fast haha .

Avatar image for FefnirOmega13

Both of them look rather mediocre, but only time will tell. Glad you can (apparently) play as Tails and Knuckles again.

This is pretty much their last hope; they tried 3D platforming and that didn't work as well as they hoped, they tried a revamp of their 2D platforming and that was critically panned, so now they're going right back to basics, to Sonic 3 and Knuckles/Knuckles Chaotix-esque sprite stylings, gameplay, etc, the former of which which is almost universally considered a good sonic game by all fans. If this doesn't work I'm convinced nothing will.

Avatar image for Pierce_Sparrow

This is all us Sonic fans have wanted. A solid, 2D Sonic game that plays as well as the classics. Sonic The Hedgehog never needed anything fancy or high end to be great. Yes, several of the games in the past couple decades, like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Generations, have been good. But Sega has spent too much time trying to find a way to make Sonic appealing again. All they needed to do was give us the Sonic we've always known and love. Hopefully, Sonic Mania is little more than a riff on Sonic 3/Sonic and Knuckles. That would make me very happy.

Now if we can just get Sega to make a Phantasy Star V, I'd be the happiest Sega fan ever.

Avatar image for gokuKOG

Why Gamespot said new sonic game is only for PS4/X1 and NX when the trailer clearly show PC logo as well in end? I would love to play this on PC.

Avatar image for TJDMHEM

@gokuKOG: I'll wait and get the sonic game that is coming out for the NX.

Avatar image for DJRyuuji_Fury17

@gokuKOG: Delayed date probably. could be plausible.

Avatar image for milesprower06

If that's not Sonic Generations 2 I don't know what is. Bring it on.