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Two New PlayStation VR Bundles Get You Everything You Need (Except A PS4)

Take your pick from Until Dawn: Rush of Blood or PlayStation VR Worlds.


Anyone in the market for a PlayStation VR headset will soon have two bundle options available, one of which is brand-new.

Sony announced today that it's bringing back the PlayStation VR bundle (formerly the "Launch Bundle") that was available for preorder before the headset launched in October. This includes the two essential accessories--the headset itself and a PlayStation camera--as well as two PlayStation Move controllers (used with select games), PlayStation VR Worlds (a collection of small games), and a VR demo disc. All you'll need is a PS4 to go along with it. The bundle arrives in stores next week for $500.

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Additionally, Sony will soon offer a bundle themed around Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, the on-rails shooter spinoff of Until Dawn. This is essentially the same bundle as the returning one, merely swapping in Rush of Blood in place of VR Worlds. It'll be available at GameStop and EB Games "later this month," also for $500.

Rush of Blood makes good use of VR (read our review here), but its bundle may not be the one to get if you're interested in both games: Rush of Blood costs $20 on its own, while VR Worlds goes for $40.

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