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Two new games invade PS3 store

Number-crunching, rodent-saving games now available on PlayStation Store; Lemmings costs $2.99, Go! Sudoku initially free with $2.99 bonus puzzle packs.


PlayStation 3 owners doing a little online shopping on the PlayStation Store may have noticed a few new items they could put in their cart. Yesterday, the downloadable games Lemmings and Go! Sudoku were made available for purchase online.

Lemmings is a new version of the classic PC game of the same name that pits gamers in charge of leading mindless critters to safety by assigning certain lemmings specific tasks. The PS3 version has more than 50 levels, is single-player only, and features an online leaderboard. Lemmings costs $2.99.

Go! Sudoku brings the popular number-sorting game to the PS3 with animated backgrounds and dynamic music, both of which respond to players' actions. The initial download of the game is free, with extra puzzle packs (sorted by difficulty level) costing $2.99 apiece. Previously, Sony said that approximately 1,000 puzzles would be available for download.

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