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Two New Free Amazon/Twitch Prime Games Revealed

You can pick up the first Banner Saga right now for free.


Amazon and Twitch Prime members can pick up a pair of free games in the coming weeks, and there's an added benefit to doing so.

From now until the end of the month, anyone with a Twitch Prime membership (which is one of the perks of subscribing to Amazon Prime) can download The Banner Saga for free. Starting on March 2, Prime members can then grab its sequel, The Banner Saga 2, also for free.

The Banner Saga 2
The Banner Saga 2

Giving away the occasional game to Twitch Prime members isn't new. However, in this case, doing so will help out The Banner Saga 3, which is currently in the midst of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Twitch says it will pledge $1 towards the game's development for each person who downloads and plays either of the first two games through Twitch between now and March 6.

You'll actually need to open up the game to qualify for the $1 pledge; simply downloading it from Twitch isn't enough. On its Kickstarter page, developer Stoic Studios encouraged fans to do so even if they already own or have played the games, as this will still add to the newest game's funding.

Further details weren't shared, but presumably this money won't be directed through Kickstarter itself, which would result in the site taking a cut. As it stands, Stoic has already far surpassed its funding goal of $200,000. With 11 days still go, it has raised more than $315,000. It's already hit two stretch goals, adding a playable Dredge and Survival mode to the game.

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