Two New Dead By Daylight Games Are In Development

Supermassive Games and Midwinter Entertainment are handling two new projects.


Behaviour Interactive revealed that it is expanding the Dead by Daylight franchise by creating two new games in its universe. One is a narrative-driven game while the other is a multiplayer one.

The narrative-driven game will be headed by Supermassive Games, best known for developing Until Dawn, The Quarry, and the Dark Pictures Anthology. It's possible that the studio's Dead by Daylight game will follow the same single-player narrative framework that it is known for. The game will be set outside the Entity's realm and will feature a new cast and story.

“We’ve been working hard to blunt the tension, agency, and branching storytelling of a Supermassive game together with Dead by Daylight‘s mythology to create an intense narrative experience filled with powerful life-or-death choices," explained Supermassive Games executive producer Traci Tufte.

The multiplayer one will be developed by Midwinter Entertainment, best known for the multiplayer survival game Scavengers. Cloud tech firm Improbable sold the studio to Behaviour Interactive last year. According to Midwinter Entertainment producer Audrey Mladina, the vision for the game is a PvE experience where instead of players facing off each other, up to four players team up and enter one of the Entity's realms and fight off enemies.

Supermassive Games said that it will reveal more information about the game later this year, while Midwinter Entertainment said that its project is still in very early stages.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to seeing Nicolas Cage's arrival in Dead by Daylight on July 5.

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