Two New Avengers Movies Announced For MCU Phase 6 At Comic-Con

Marvel didn't just come to Comic-Con to discuss Phase 5 of the MCU, but Phase 6 as well.


You might wonder how Marvel Studios can pack too much news into a one-hour Comic-Con panel, and yet they still manage to do it every single time. After a panel stuffed with surprises about Phase 5 of the MCU, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige revealed he wasn't done yet and then laid out the big titles in Phase 6 of the franchise–including two new Avengers movies.

Feige revealed that Phase 6, which kicks off with Fantastic 4 on November 8, 2024, will end in 2025 with two new Avengers movies, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty on May 2 and Avengers: Secret Wars on November 7. Interestingly, that will make Phase 6 just about a year long, which is pretty short for the MCU. However, with three titles of that caliber, it's not the most ridiculous idea.

According to Feige, Phases 4, 5, and 6 make up what is now being dubbed The Multiverse Saga, which, of course, follows Phase 1, 2, and 3's Infinity Saga. What remains to be seen is who would helm those two new Avengers movies. You might remember that the Russos, who directed the last two Avengers movies, recently said they still dreamed of directing a Secret Wars adaptation. Could they have been hinting at what was to be announced?

Whatever the case, Marvel Studios clearly has its next several years mapped out. However, a cast has yet to be revealed for Fantastic Four and, based on what we know so far, there isn't another Spider-Man film before the next two Avengers movies. Obviously, new titles could be added between now and the launch of Phase 6. However, for now, we have plenty of MCU movies to look forward to for some time to come.

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