Two mystery Tom Clancy titles in development

Ubisoft's brand manager for games inspired by the techno-thriller author says a pair of unnamed projects are in the works.


Since the turn of the century, Ubisoft has enjoyed great success with Tom Clancy games. So much success, in fact, that in March 2008, the French publisher bought the rights to use the American techno-thriller author's name in future books, films, and games.

Ubisoft is working on two unnamed Tom Clancy titles.
Ubisoft is working on two unnamed Tom Clancy titles.

The move came days after the release of the critically acclaimed first-person shooter Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Since then, Ubisoft has released three Tom Clancy-branded games: the real-time strategy game EndWar, the air combat sim HAWX, and the just-released--and decently reviewed--Splinter Cell: Conviction. A fourth, the third-person shooter Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, is due out this holiday season.

Now, it appears two more Tom Clancy-branded titles are in the works. Speaking to Dutch gaming site, Tom Clancy brand manager Michael Verheijdt revealed that he is working on a pair of untitled games that bear the author's name. "At the moment I'm working on two Tom Clancy games that are in development," he said. "[But] if I say anything about that, I'll have to send Sam Fisher after you."

Verheijdt's duties include writing a style guide for all Tom Clancy games for developers to use as a reference. He is also in charge of keeping the canon's timeline straight, and making sure that events in one game don't contradict those in another.

The next publicly announced Tom Clancy game is this fall's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.
The next publicly announced Tom Clancy game is this fall's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

"I have a notion to update Wikipedia to index everything," he told the site. "It is crucial that we have everything clear and orderly, because in the future, we want the various game series to overlap each other. 'Convergence' is the magic word here."

That convergence may include a Tom Clancy massively multiplayer online game of some sort. When the name buyout was announced, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said that no longer having to pay royalties for the license would allow his company to expand the Tom Clancy brand in many new genres.

"We will be able to adapt the brand to new formats, in particular the MMO format, where the royalties were a big thing holding us back," he explained.

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Future Soldier had been reset to be released early 2012 and one of the two unknown games is Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: ONLINE. While the other might be the new Splinter Cell or Rainbow Six or even HAWX 3.

Avatar image for Supernatural24

Time for a new Rainbow Six. And I agree, not Vegas. That chapter is finished.

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Of courese one of the titles will be MMO , because even though I don't like them in general, it's a smart move.

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Avatar image for xboxlive1000

Nope, Microsoft probly has them under contract lol, with all there money.

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why not just bring this game to the ps3 it be so much worth it cos thats the game console i have only

Avatar image for BrickTamland314

HAWX 2 was just announced, could a new Rainbow Six be on the way too?

Avatar image for ahmed_009

except Endwar...every game from Tom Clancy was great.. i hope the next two games will be great too..

Avatar image for Mr_Manikin52

Rainbow SIX...please.

Avatar image for thenephariouson

With the exception of 'Hawx' and 'Endwar', i love every single TC title, and wait patiently to see what Ubi pull out of the bag next. Hopefully a new R6 : ) Regarding SC:Conviction, i completely understand why so many 'die-hard' SC fans were dissapointed, but lets face it, the best true stealth SC game has to be Chaos Theory, so why would they want to make an upto date replica, Conviction offers a more flexible and dynamic gaming style, sure you can no longer hide dead bodies and have no knife, however simply grab and move to a dark location before executing instead. Dynamics such as LKP and M&E in addition to the embedded visuals make this a really great game. The MP component adds tons of longevity, its a great game and deserves more credit IMO.

Avatar image for Thorn_of_Fury

hmm now if only Ubisoft would look online at the (insert ridiculously large number here) people asking for RAINBOW SIX!!!

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Avatar image for comandobee

future soldier looks really good- has lots of potential

Avatar image for steelmouth

i have always loved Tom Clancy games

Avatar image for WestSideAzn

This sounds exciting! We need Tom Clancy games back!

Avatar image for kuroshiro99

@ Huzzaahh You're rite.. But it seems that GS themselves were slightly disappointed with how conviction turned out.. i mean i read the review and it struck me to be a disappointment for GS.. that said i am too skeptical bout the game.. removing the KNIFE!!? are u kidding me? Lets be honest here... after 3 years ? or was it 4 it seems that they havent been able to produce the game every 1 was expecting to be the best splinter cell.. and ive heard bout it from a die hard sc fan friend of mine..

Avatar image for Huzzaahh

@kuroshiro99 The current Critic average on Gamespot is 8.7. That's much better than "decently reviewed".

Avatar image for KamikazeCanuck

Pretty sure Tom Clancy has more video games than books now.

Avatar image for kuroshiro99

@ 2chase How do you go from classifying an 8 as "Great" in the Gamespot SC: Conviction review, to labeling it as "decent" in this article...? On a scale from 1-10, I would say decent is a 7. It's like a C on a test. Am I wrong here? Does anyone care? Poor use of the word "decent." Give the game more credit, some people have yet to play it! DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT THE SUCCESS OF THE GAMING INDUSTRY!? Dude.. calm down.. i think GS is referring to the meta score.. or average score of Conviction .. as it is not every reviewer has fallen in love with this game.. And frankly mayn.. the ppl who havent played this game.. such as me.. will get it anyway despite what the reviews say.. as long as im interested in it.. and I AM.. im a long running SC fan ever since SC 1.. SC Chaos Theory for me has been the greatest sc game.. i dont know whether conviction has 1 uped that..i will soon find out.on pc..

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"'Convergence'"?? Hell yes!! I've been waiting for this from games like this for awhile!!

Avatar image for mastergundam

absolutely a new Rainbow Six game :) why? they've already had Conviction , Ghost this year and the only one left to fill up the series is Rainbow Six

Avatar image for bluespire1

I would like to see more Rainbow 6 ((^0^))

Avatar image for Lov3IsPAiN

@Daian . It is :D Look : << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for Glade_Gnarr

Everything's turning into an mmo right now, what's up with that? Mmo's suck.

Avatar image for chrispicard

@Franzkill If you want ubisoft to make a new action/adventure game, like the assassins creed franchise?... i agree with you, but this article is about 2 new "Tom clancy" games, and they don't need new ip's based on Tom clancy, they have 5 already!

Avatar image for FaintRain

i bet one of them is splinter cell for the ps3

Avatar image for wheyman25

a MMO would be nice!

Avatar image for Ohaidere

"RYAN character who was in the FBI." Jack Ryan was an intelligence analyst for the CIA not an FBI agent brah.

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Avatar image for scotwolf

i would like to see games of some of his earlier books,using the RYAN character who was in the FBI. another rainbow six depending with new setting. suppose we will have to wait n see

Avatar image for madmansgates

@xerxes5678... a rainbow six game would be cool... it's been a long time!

Avatar image for Mik9445

For gods sake Ubisoft, give the people want they want..........Rainbow 6!!!!!

Avatar image for 2chase

How do you go from classifying an 8 as "Great" in the Gamespot SC: Conviction review, to labeling it as "decent" in this article...? On a scale from 1-10, I would say decent is a 7. It's like a C on a test. Am I wrong here? Does anyone care? Poor use of the word "decent." Give the game more credit, some people have yet to play it! DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT THE SUCCESS OF THE GAMING INDUSTRY!?

Avatar image for VolcanoMan001

Ghost Recon (the previous ones) were fun, but I worry that they may have gone off the deep end in this next title...

Avatar image for cossidae

Do a barrel roll

Avatar image for deactivated-58a5e8ead9efe

I would like to see a new Rainbow Six game (but let's advance beyond vegas this time).

Avatar image for CubiclePwnerer

omfg i heard so long ago about a new non vegas rainbow six. this better be it vegas was one of the best shooters ever created.

Avatar image for N0tYrBeezin

How many of these games have nothing to do with Tom Clancy?

Avatar image for mcuth

Maybe it'll be the REST of the new Splinter Cell... you know, the $60 game that was 6 hours long and omitted the online versus mode? Remember that one? You played it for like 5 days and then went back to your real games?

Avatar image for thenephariouson

Please lord, let one of them be a new R6 game : )

Avatar image for slyguy65

Im with you imborg maybe if that were to happen the story would be more interesting other then the "terrorists took this place take it back" cliche of vegas 1 and 2

Avatar image for imborg007

How about a Rainbow 6 game based on the book?

Avatar image for cerberus1058

A new stealth action series please! Conviction looks great but Fisher has changed too much from the original. No console port. That would just be lame.

Avatar image for NDegree

Vegas 3, Advanced Warfighter 3 or H.A.W.X 2??? But believe me or not Splinter Cell: Conviction coming to PS3 some time after E3 and Ubisoft will conform at E3 or maybe after words. 110% sure

Avatar image for payne6705

It better be a rainbow 6 game I am craving for one.

Avatar image for alexlmt

I just want a real Rainbow Six game.

Avatar image for Muteki_X

It seems like I heard before that they were working on Endwar 2, so I'm betting that's one of them. Personally I'm dying for another R6, and even though it wasn't quite what I had hoped for, I would like to see HAWX 2. Heck I would love to see some attach chopper, tank action, or some sort of vehicle combat enter the series, but that's just me.

Avatar image for Vodoo

Splinter Cell: Conviction is an AWESOME game!!! Yeah, it's different from the other games in the series, but it's different and great at the same time. I think it's the best game in the series since the original. As far as the new Tom clancey games go, I definately think one will be Rainbow 6. It's been a while since that came out. But the other game... I REALLY hope it's a new IP. We need something new in the Clancy universe to play instead of ANOTHER sequel. Just my opinion

Avatar image for pidow

I going to sit back and wait to see if any good come's out of this.

Avatar image for Muteki_X

@ grey_fox1984 As a 360 owner, I'm completely up for PS3 getting the same games and vice versa. I never did like "exclusives"; it's just fuel for fanboy pissing matches and it tends to hurt gamers in general, IMO.