Two More Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games Now Available

It's a Fable-centric day for backwards compatibility.


Once again, Microsoft has expanded the Xbox One's backwards compatible catalog. Another two Xbox 360 games are now playable on the current-generation console, both of which hail from the company's Fable RPG series.

The bigger of the two is 2014's Fable Anniversary, the Xbox 360 HD remaster of the first Fable, which was released on the original Xbox. It features improved graphics, a new UI, Achievement support, and everything from The Lost Chapters, an expanded version of Fable released in 2005.

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This is joined by the Xbox Live Arcade title Fable II Pub Games, a collection of mini-games that were also playable in Fable II. Pub Games released ahead of that game, allowing you to earn money and items that could be carried over into the RPG.

Both of these games are now playable on Xbox One. If you own them digitally, you'll find them waiting in the Ready to Download section of the My Games and Apps area; if you have a disc for Anniversary, you can simply pop that in and begin playing. Both are also available for purchase from the Xbox Store.

These are the first games to be added to the backwards compatibility list in October. Last month saw the addition of some big titles, including four Halo games and their DLC. Don't expect the library to stop growing, either, as Xbox boss Phil Spencer believes backwards compatibility is very important. You can check out our full list to see all of the Xbox One backwards compatible games.

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