Two more PS games PSP bound

WipeOut, Jet Moto coming to PS Store along with Blast Factor multiplayer pack; trailers for God of War II, GTHD Concept also en route.


Genji: Days of the Blade
Blast Factor

Sony sent out an update regarding the PlayStation Store--the online store for the PlayStation 3--and it's good news for PlayStation Portable racing fans looking for new thrills on the handheld.

Sony has announced that the original PlayStation futuristic racers WipeOut and Jet Moto are both coming to the PlayStation Store for the PSP. The two games are listed as "upcoming," and they will each cost $5.99. Another PS port for the PSP made its way to the PS Store on Friday. Rally Cross, originally released on the PS in 1997, is now available for $5.99.

Also released on Friday was a free costume pack for Genji: Days of the Blade, a trailer for GripShift, and previews of upcoming Warner Bros. movies. Coming soon to the PS Store is a Blast Factor multiplayer pack ($2.99), trailers for God of War II and Gran Turismo HD Concept, and more previews of upcoming Warner Bros. movies.

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