Two more GameCube launch games confirmed

Ubi Soft and Electronic Arts officially announce games for the Nintendo GameCube launch.


Two more games have been confirmed for the launch of the Nintendo GameCube. Ubi Soft officially announced that Tarzan Untamed will be available on the console's November 18 launch day, and Electronic Arts said that the GameCube version of Madden NFL 2002 has already shipped to retailers. Those games are among the 22 titles that will be released for the Nintendo GameCube by the end of the holiday season.

"This has been a big year in terms of developing this key franchise for so many different systems that offer improved memory and graphical capabilities,'' said Steven Chiang, executive producer of the Madden series. "The GameCube really shows off the intense and realistic gameplay experience we offer to gamers, with incredible colors and details to the players. It will be hard to tell the video game apart from an actual NFL game on network TV.''

The GameCube versions of both games will feature a variety of visual enhancements when compared with their PlayStation 2 counterparts. For example, Madden NFL 2002 on the GameCube will have more vibrant colors for the player uniforms and fields. The level of detail in the crowd and the field textures have been also been improved. Additionally, the coaches roaming the sidelines will now have new facial animations and body gestures.

Both games will carry a suggested retail price of $49.99.

$9.95 on Walmart

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