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Two More DS Games Arrive on Wii U's Virtual Console, Including Animal Crossing

Severed also releases for 3DS with cross-buy support.


Today's eShop update brings with it a number of new games to the store, the most notable of which are DS Virtual Console games for Wii U.

Nintendo expands the Wii U's lineup of DS games today with two good ones: Kirby Canvas Curse and Animal Crossing: Wild World. Canvas Curse was one of the first DS games to put its touchscreen to good use and is still worth a look.

Wild World was the system's solid entry in the Animal Crossing series, which has yet--and likely never will--get a Wii U game. That makes this as good of an option as any for Wii U owners looking to play a proper Animal Crossing. The only alternative is Wii game City Folk, which can be played on Wii U, but not with Wii U GamePad controls.

The other noteworthy addition on the eShop today is a 3DS version of the excellent game Severed, which was previously released on Vita, Wii U, and mobile. The eShop versions support cross-buy, allowing you to buy it on 3DS or Wii U and receive access on both platforms. It's also on sale at the discounted price of $13.49 until October 20 at 9 AM PT.


Other current sales include Monster Hunter Generations for $28 on 3DS and Art of Balance Touch for $5 on 3DS. You can see all of the current eShop deals here.

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