Two More Dragon Ball FighterZ Characters Revealed

Piccolo and Krillin join the battle.


The Dragon Ball FighterZ roster continues to grow. This time, another pair of characters have been revealed for the new Dragon Ball fighting game, and they're two rather obvious choices: Piccolo and Krillin.

The two fighters were unveiled in the latest issue of Japanese magazine V-Jump (via Gematsu), which also provided some brief information on each. While Piccolo and Krillin lack the power of the Saiyans on the roster, each one compensates for that with some unique abilities. According to Gematsu, Piccolo can extended his arms to grab opponents and can fire beam attacks at high speeds. Krillin, on the other hand, can use classic Dragon Ball moves like the Kamehameha and Afterimage Technique to battle foes. His signature Destructo Disc attack is also impossible to block, and players can control the trajectory of Krillin's Ki blasts.

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Seven other characters have already been confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ thus far: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, and Future Trunks. The latter was formally unveiled with a new trailer at the fighting game tournament Evo this past weekend. Additionally, Bandai Namco announced that it will be holding a closed beta for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. Registration for the beta will open on July 26.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2018. The game is being developed by Arc System Works, the studio behind the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue franchises. Bandai Namco has said that the game could possibly come to Switch as well, though the publisher is focusing on the console's upcoming port of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 first.

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