Two Million People Watched Nickelodeon's NFL Broadcast

The slime fest was incredibly popular.


Nickelodeon's special broadcast of the Wildcard playoff game between the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints was watched by more than two million people, according to CBS. More than 33 million people watched the game across two broadcasts, one on CBS and the other on Nickelodeon.

The viewership from the two broadcasts is higher than any Wildcard playoff game in the last seven years.

The broadcast was weird, to say the least. It had virtual slime exploding in the end zone when teams scored, SpongeBob's face plastered over field goal nets, and googly eyes placed over players' faces during shots. Hopefully the wackiness made up for the lack of offense from the Chicago Bears, who only scored 9 points.

The Bears quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky won the NVP award, Nickelodeon's version of Most Valuable Player, in the loss. He received 49% of the vote with no other player coming close to him. New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton agreed to get drenched in slime after the game, too.

Madden 21 also had a weird crossover with Nickelodeon. The Nickelodeon x Madden event added SpongeBob-themed content to Madden NFL 21's new mode, The Yard. It includes three new game modes that ask the question, "What if SpongeBob and his pals made the rules?" as well as a new location, SpongeBob Reef-Top, and SpongeBob-inspired gear for you to collect.

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