Two Big Nintendo Switch Games Are Holding Events With Splatoon-Themed Rewards This Weekend

The Splatocalypse draws near.


After two years, Splatoon 2's final Splatfest event will take place next week, marking the end of the game's monthly competitions. To commemorate the occasion, Nintendo is hosting Splatoon-themed events in two first-party Switch games this weekend.

First is Tetris 99's fifth Maximus Cup, which runs from now until 11:59 PM PT on July 15 (7:59 AM BST on July 16). Like previous Maximus Cups, this event is point-based; you'll earn a certain number of points depending on what number you place each round, and if you manage to rack up at least 100 points before the event ends, you'll unlock a cool Splatoon 2 theme for the game. You can see the theme in action in the video below.

In addition to Tetris 99, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is holding a Splatoon-themed Spirit Board event this weekend, which likewise runs from July 12-15. Throughout the event, various characters from the Splatoon series will appear in the Spirit Board every hour, including the Legend-class Squid Sisters. You'll also earn twice as many Spirit Points each time you battle one of these characters during the event.

Splatoon 2's final Splatfest kicks off July 18 and runs for an extended 72 hours, concluding on July 21. The theme this time is an apocalyptic one, asking players to choose whether they'd like a world ruled by order or chaos. During the first 48 hours of the event, all 23 Shifty Station stages from previous Splatfests will return to the rotation, while a brand-new Shifty Station--featuring appearances by Pearl and Marina--will be featured for the final 24 hours.

Following the final Splatfest, Splatoon 2 will receive one more content update. Patch 5.0 will arrive in late July and add a Splatfest Turf War option to private battles. This mode will let you play on any of the game's 24 Shifty Station maps and transform other stages into their nighttime versions, just as they appeared during Splatfests.

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