Twitch support coming to Firefall

Video company partners with Red 5 Studios to bring real-time streaming to free-to-play PC MMO shooter.


Twitch today announced a partnership with Red 5 Studios that will bring real-time streaming support to free-to-play massively multiplayer online PC shooter Firefall. According to Twitch, Firefall will be the first game to feature integrated Twitch chat functionality.

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Twitch vice president of marketing Matthew DiPietro said in a statement that it won't be long before video streaming services like Twitch become commonplace. "Video broadcasting will soon be a standard, expected piece of the gaming experience with innovative companies like Red 5 making it possible by pioneering the way it's built into games."

Firefall is a team-based, science-fiction MMO shooter set in a future Earth setting. The game was created by World of Warcraft and Tribes developers and is currently in beta. No firm release date has yet been announced.

Red 5 Studios is the latest publisher to partner with Twitch, following Sony Online Entertainment (PlanetSide 2), Electronic Arts (Origin), and Activision (Call of Duty: Black Ops II).

Earlier this month, Twitch announced a $9/month premium subscription membership called Twitch Turbo. Subscribers get ad-free broadcasts, an exclusive Turbo badge, a custom emoticon set, expanded chat colors, and priority customer support.

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This is awesome news. Firefall's potential is massive, it just needs more content which is supposedly coming out fairly soon. I also really like how Twitch is starting to get integrated into actual games, it's a great idea.

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@2bitSmOkEy they been sayng soon forever. This game will fail probably because they are trying too hard to be an e-sport game when they need to be pushing the pve portion of the game. Most serious pvpers already think the pvp in this game isnt that great. The melding concept is what would make this game a hit but they are too busy pushing they mediocre pvp.

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This game is a mix of Unreal Tournament and battles from Starship Troopers. The open-world environment is both beautiful in nature as well as the graphical quality. In the city hubs, there's these little launch pads that, when run up to, launch you into the air and give you wings so you can glide over far distances rather than run. It's a little, but awesome feature that lets you actually relax and take in the beauty of the huge and varied landscape, right before you drop into some aliens or giant insects to do battle and extract minerals from the ground with friends or random people (you even get XP if they're not in your squad, but are close enough to them and helping out). Seriously, if you like video games, you need to try Firefall. It's one of those games anyone could like because even in beta, there's a lot of varying things to do from exploration, mineral farming, PvP and local events/invasions.

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If you haven't tried Firefall then you are missing out on some awesome gaming.

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@Landsharkk Very true.