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Elden Ring Streamer Defeats Two Malenias Simultaneously With Controller And Dancepad

It's a legendary achievement for Twitch streamer MissMikka.


Twitch streamer MissMikka has accomplished a legendary gamer feat in Form Software's Elden Ring: She's killed two Malenias at the same time with a standard controller and an unconventional dancepad controller.

It took MissMikka three days and 199 tries to defeat the dual Malenia. The streamer wrote in her celebratory tweet, "In the beginning I was not even sure if this run was possible. Radagon/Elden Beast is next!"

Malenia's not the first Elden Ring boss to be taken down in this way. The Godess of Rot's defeat is just one of MissMikka's Ultimate Challenge runs, a series where the streamer defeats two copies of the biggest and baddest Elden Ring bosses with a controller and dancepad.

Back in September 2022, GameSpot interviewed the legendary MissMikka and chatted with her on process and more. MissMikka stated that her first successful Malenia battle, a single one, took 329 tries and 15 hours.

In related Elden Ring news, the game swept award ceremonies. It took home GameSpot's Game of the Year Award. Elden Ring also, funnily enough, earned not only Steam's Game of the Year, but also Best Game You Suck At. And at The Game Awards, Elden Ring--you guessed it--got Game of the Year as well. Devs From Software also announced its next game, Armored Core 6, during the ceremony.

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