Twitch Plays Halo (Not Very Well)

Watch as users virtually control Master Chief through the classic shooter...with a limited degree of success.


Bungie's classic shooter Halo: Combat Evolved has become the latest game to join the "Twitch Plays..." phenomenon. This one, however, is different than what we've seen before.

Games featured in past Twitch Plays videos have included titles like Pokemon and early Legend of Zelda games, which are more basic in nature than Halo. In the case of Pokemon, users were actually even able to beat the game. But that may not happen for Halo.

Bungie's game, of course, is set in a 3D environment. As such, chat users must not only move Master Chief around obstacles, but also aim, shoot, and fire weapons to kill enemies. When hundreds of people are triggering commands at once, this leads to some pretty hilarious--and painful--results.

Twitch Plays Halo has been running for more than 20 hours now, but progress has been slow. At the time of writing, users were trying to get Master Chief across a pretty narrow bridge. Watch the video above to see how things are shaping up now.

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