"Twitch Plays" Gets Its Own Directory on Twitch

It will be easier to find Twitch Plays streams from now on.


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Twitch is creating a new directory specifically for Twitch Plays-style streams. Over 60,000 people participated in the TwitchPlaysPokemon phenomenon that took place almost two years ago.

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Twitch hopes the new Twitch Plays directory will provide an easier way for developers to introduce Twitch Plays games and for viewers to discover them.

Twitch defines Twitch Plays games in a number of ways. First off, they're games running entirely by themselves that give control over in-game actions to the audience. The audience can control the game by typing into the chat or using a second screen interface. The game must allow for an unlimited number of simultaneous players, so every person plays a part.

Since TwitchPlaysPokemon started, several channels inspired by the community-driven Pokemon playthrough have kicked off. The TwitchPlaysPokemon creator, who chooses to remain anonymous, says it's been rewarding to see other Twitch Plays channels pop up over the past two years.

"The cascading creation of ideas inspired by TwitchPlaysPokemon has been the most rewarding part of having created the experience," they said in a press release. "Since the addition of a Twitch Plays category will greatly improve their discoverability, I hope this further encourages people to make their own streams inspired by my channel."

Twitch VP of Developer Success Kathy Astromoff hopes it will encourage developers to make new Twitch Plays experiments.

"The Twitch community has consistently rallied behind organically created Twitch Plays games, with the trend growing rather than subsiding," said Astromoff. "Making it easier for prospective players to find Twitch Plays games drives developer success, and encourages new developers to begin experimenting. Twitch Plays are just one of the myriad ways developers can discover new users and build stronger engagement with the Twitch community.”

Other Twitch Plays channels have featured viewers trying to beat Dark Souls, a group of players struggling with Halo, and a game that wouldn't release until Twitch beat it.

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