Twitch Is Giving Creators New Emote Management Tools

Managing your channel's emotes just got a whole lot easier.


No matter how big a Twitch channel is, emotes are one of the most exciting parts of the experience for both creators and subscribers. Now, Twitch has given its emote management tools a much-needed revamp, gathering them all in one place and instituting a new drag-and-drop management system.

The new tools can be found under a new section called Viewer Rewards in your Creator Dashboard. Drops and Channel Points have also been moved to this section, though those sub-menus will stay the same for the time being. The Emotes tab will include Subscriber Emotes, Bits Tier Emotes, and Cheermotes (for Partners) all in one place.

The Emote page will open straight into an upload interface, allowing creators to upload their new emotes without messing around with secondary menus. This page will also now show the most recent uploads to avoid duplicate uploads.

Twitch has also added a drag-and-drop interface for managing emote order without having to delete everything and start again. In this menu, creators can easily rearrange emotes for all tiers, as well as deleting unwanted emotes.

Along with the new tools which should be live for creators now, Twitch is also working on an emote library to be rolled out in the future, so creators don't have to delete and re-upload emotes every time they cycle one out.

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