Twitch Introduces New Fundraiser Feature Twitch Charity

Twitch is making it easier for streamers to do charity streams.


Twitch is introducing Twitch Charity Beta, a built-in fundraising feature that will allow streamers to set up a charity stream in a few clicks. Twitch Charity Beta will help streamers track donations, convert subs and bits, and manage multiple programs simultaneously so that they can focus on the stream.

Streamers will be able select a cause they're passionate about and begin fundraising via the Creator Dashboard. All they need to do is find a charity, set a fundraising goal, and enable a charity campaign to go into "charity mode." Once all those steps are completed, the "Donate to Charity" button will appear for viewers, allowing them to contribute to the campaign. All the donations made during the stream will be automatically tracked for the streamer via the activity feed towards the goal they set themselves.

All proceeds raised during the stream will go to the streamer's PayPal Giving Fund, and Twitch will not receive any cuts from the donations or tax right-offs. The Paypal Giving Fund will also handle all of the logicists that go into setting up a charity stream and will accurately track all donations and funds to whatever cause the streamer decides to support.

Twitch is starting with a small number of charities but hopes to add more soon. Currently, the only way to set up a Twitch Charity stream is if Twitch has sent you an email allowing you to participate in the beta.

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