Twitch Indefinitely Bans Donald Trump

This is Trump's second ban from Twitch. Only this time, it looks like it's permanent.

Twitch has indefinitely banned Donald Trump. Previously, the streaming platform temporarily suspended Trump's Twitch account after the Capitol attacks. Now, with the ban, Trump cannot make another account nor appeal Twitch's decision.

In a statement to The Verge, a Twitch spokesperson stated, "We have indefinitely suspended President Trump’s Twitch channel due to the ongoing risk of further incitement of violence."

"The President’s statements continue to be interpreted as calls to action, and we are taking this action to remove the potential for harm to our community and the general public. Twitch has clear rules that prohibit hateful conduct, harassment, or incitement of violence on our service, and we consider off-service events when making enforcement decisions. However, the events of the past weeks have highlighted a gap with respect to rhetoric that encourages violence, regardless of whether or not it was directly streamed on Twitch. We will be updating our policies as a result of our consideration of this situation," the spokesperson continued.

Twitch previously banned Trump in June 2019 for two weeks, citing "hateful conduct." Multiple social media platforms have effectively banned Trump after the riot he incited on January 6. Twitter permanently banned Trump and said it was doing so in order to prevent the "risk of further incitement of violence."

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