Twitch Has New Competition As Facebook Launches New Game Livestreaming Feature

Facebook Live expands.


Social networking giant Facebook announced today that it's expanding the platform's livestreaming capabilities. Starting today, anyone can post livestream video from PC desktop or laptop computers on their personal page, following the launch of the feature for mobile devices in 2016.

A new "Live Video" option will appear on the top of the newsfeed or timeline to allow you to do this. You can then stream to Facebook Groups, Events, and Pages, with the ability to share screens and insert custom graphics.

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You can use external hardware for Facebook livestreams from a computer, a feature that was previously only available for Facebook Pages. Click through the images in the gallery above to see what the new PC livestreaming features look like.

In its announcement, Facebook specifically called out gaming, saying the new feature makes it "easier than ever to stream your PC gaming to friends and followers."

The new feature from Facebook puts the company more closely in competition with Twitch, which offers streaming through PC, mobile, and consoles.

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