Twitch Criticized For Black Lives Matter Video With Mostly White Streamers

The now-deleted video featured many popular white streamers talking about Black Lives Matter.


Twitch has received backlash on Twitter after sharing a Black Lives Matter video that featured very few Black streamers. The video, which Twitch has since deleted, featured mostly white streamers, primarily DrLupo, talking about Black Lives Matter. Twitter User @2leftjoycons reuploaded the video.

Twitch followed up with an apology stating that the video was supposed to be focused on allyship, a message Twitch said it "didn't make clear." People took issue with the video promoting the message of supporting Black Twitch streamers without showcasing and promoting more of them.

BlissKai and ZombaeKillz, two Black Twitch streamers featured in the video, expressed their feelings on Twitter.

If you're looking for more gaming content from Black creators, check out this roundup, featuring articles, videos, podcasts, and streamers.

Twitch dealt with controversy earlier in the week when it tweeted out a video celebrating LGBTQIA+ content creators that said "When the G in LGBTQIA+ also stands for gamer." Twitch has deleted the tweet and put out a version without that graphic, but did not address the change.

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