Twitch Announces Subscription Price Adjustments For Majority Of Countries

Subscription price changes will be coming to Mexico and Turkey first, with a number of other countries to follow.


Twitch is implementing a series of pricing changes for subscriptions outside of the US, matching them to the cost of living in other countries. According to a post from the Amazon-owned streaming service, the change was prompted by feedback from fans. On the topic of its current subscription price, Twitch said, "This price makes it difficult for many viewers to support their favorite creators, and likewise, prevents creators from being able to grow their communities, make more content, and welcome new fans."

To make subscribing easier for those outside of the US, Twitch will be adjusting the price of all subscriptions, including paid and gifted, over the coming months in "most countries to better align with their local cost of living." The first two countries will be Mexico and Turkey, which will have their subscription prices changed on May 20. In Mexico, the cost of a Twitch subscription will drop from 99 Pesos to 48 Pesos. The cost of a subscription in Turkish Lira will likewise drop from 42 TRY to 10 TRY. Twitch targeted these countries first because they "are home to creators and viewers who have been passionate about this change for quite some time."

Twitch subscription pricing adjustments will roll out in a number of other countries across Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe as well, starting in the third fiscal quarter of 2021.

Twitch is also confident that, while subscription costs are being adjusted, content creators outside of the US won't be hurt financially. According to "tests" run by the company, "making subs more affordable for more viewers boost creator revenue." However, Twitch also acknowledged that what actually happens when these changes roll out may vary from its testing results. To prevent a revenue slump, Twitch will also be launching a 12-month program that pays a certain amount of projected revenue to eligible content creators.

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