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Twitch And Rolling Stone Launch New Music Streaming Channel

Rolling Stone on Twitch will feature live music, industry news, artist interviews, and more.


Twitch has partnered with legendary music publication Rolling Stone to launch a brand-new channel on the streaming platform. Titled Rolling Stone on Twitch, the channel will feature a variety of content for music fans, including news, interviews, and live performances.

Rolling Stone on Twitch goes live Monday through Friday from 1-3 PM PT/ 4-6 PM ET on the publication's new Twitch channel. It will be hosted by Rolling Stone producers Tia Hill and Jon Weigell as a variety show, with original segments and existing franchises happening every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Live musical performances are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday. This week's guests include Marcus King, Ted Park, and the Russo brothers.

Twitch's vice president of music Tracy Chan said the company believes Twitch is not only the intersection between artist and fan but also the place where the two can create together.

"We believe that the future of music will be defined by a deeper interaction between artists and fans, where they are not only engaging with each other but also creating together," Chan said in a press release. "This happens every day on Twitch, and it's been incredibly exciting to see more and more people find Twitch as the space for this type of interaction to unfold."

Rolling Stone president Gus Wenner echoed Chan's sentiment, saying the publication will use its pedigree to create high-level content.

"We are honored to be a part of Twitch's growing music strategy and will leverage our access, authority and storytelling abilities to create meaningful content at the highest level," Wenner said.

This partnership comes at an interesting time for Twitch. The platform has faced continued scrutiny for its handling of music and the wanton way it deals out DMCA takedowns. Twitch's music policies recently re-entered the public eye during BlizzConline, where thrash metal band Metallica had all its audio replaced seemingly for Blizzard to avoid a DMCA takedown.

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