Twitch Adds Microtransactions to Cheer in Chat

Twitch says select streamer will share revenue but hasn't disclosed how much.


Streaming platform Twitch has introduced the ability to buy emotes and use them in chat.

The feature is called "Cheering" and, in an official Twitch blog post, is described as "a new way to show support for streamers and celebrate the moments you love with the community."

Cheers are purchased using "Bits," which are themselves purchased using real money. Spending a certain number of Bits results the use of a specific cheer animation.

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Bits are purchased using Amazon Payments. Take a look below to see how much real money Bits cost.

  • 100 Bits: $1.40
  • 500 Bits: $7.00
  • 1500 Bits: $19.95 (5% discount)
  • 5000 Bits: $64.40 (8% discount)
  • 10000 Bits: $126 (10% discount)
  • 25000 Bits: $308 (12% discount)
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According to a support page focused on the new feature, select partnered broadcasters on Twitch "get a revenue share from Bits used to Cheer for them," effectively providing viewers another way to support streamers, alongside buying subscriptions.

As of yet the exact amount broadcasters receive hasn't been disclosed. It is unclear whether purchasing Bits is a better source of revenue for broadcasters than subscriptions.

In addition to emotes, there are also Cheer Chat Badges, which are earned as you cheer and "help you identify the regulars in new channels."

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Cheering will only be available to select partners initially, as it is in a beta stage.

"Our goal is to make Cheering a great experience for streamers and viewers alike," Twitch explained. "During the beta period, we’ll be gathering feedback and making improvements, which is much easier to do on a smaller scale. We’re excited about the future of Cheering, and we’re looking forward to making it more widely available as soon as it’s ready."

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