Twitch Acquires Evil Geniuses' Agency GoodGame

"Goodgame will remain organizationally the same," Twitch confirms.


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Video game streaming service Twitch has acquired GoodGame, a talent and content agency which works with the esports and live video game broadcasting communities. The news was announced today on the Twitch Blog. GoodGame is well known for its professional gaming teams Evil Geniuses and Alliance.

GoodGame CEO Alexander Garfield explained in an announcement, "I’d like to think that GoodGame could play a role in helping get everyone on the same page. We understand things from the team’s perspective; the player’s perspective; the tournament’s perspective. We’ve run many different kinds of esports projects, and we know what it takes to make them successful and sustainable. But at the same time, up until now our company’s been just as consumed as everyone else by the day-to-day demands of running a business in a very competitive industry - and it’s limited our ability to look out for everyone and think as altruistically as we’d like. That’s why I decided to align us with Twitch."

GameSpot reached out to Twitch for comment on how the acquisition would affect GoodGame, and a representative confirmed, "Goodgame will remain organizationally the same and they will continue to run their agency and represent clients and sponsors alike."

Earlier this year Twitch was acquired by Amazon in a $1 billion deal, following speculations that YouTube would acquire the site. Twitch is the largest live-streaming website in the United States by a wide margin, according to a report released this spring, and has expanded into non-gaming ventures, such as streaming concerts. Amazon has become aggressive about gaining a foothold in the video game industry, attracting talent like the designers of Portal and Far Cry and purchasing Killer Instinct developer Double Helix Games.

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