Twisted Pixel crafting iOS game - Report

Texas-based 'Splosion Man, Gunstringer studio working on title for Apple's app store; company CEO Michael Wilford says "nothing to share yet."


Ms. 'Splosion Man
The Gunstringer

In January, Capcom released iOS game MaXsplosion in Apple's app store, a title later derided by Twisted Pixel as a "cheap imitation" of its own platforming game 'Splosion Man. At the time, Twisted Pixel CEO Michael Wilford said, "guess we're just gonna have to make a better iPhone game than them. Shouldn't be hard." Now--with MaXsplosion still available in the app store--he and his studio are doing just that.

Twisted Pixel is working on an iOS game, but isn't speaking about it.
Twisted Pixel is working on an iOS game, but isn't speaking about it.

Wilford appeared on the TouchArcade Show podcast earlier this week and announced that Twisted Pixel is in fact working on an iOS game.

"We're working on something," Wilford said. "Nothing to announce yet. Hopefully, relatively soon we'll having something we can share with you guys."

Wilford also commented further on Twisted Pixel's iOS development mentality, including how its stable of intellectual properties "translate pretty well to mobile," and the "Capcom fiasco."

"I think there's a lot of fun stuff you can do with the character-driven IPs we've created," he said. "And the Capcom fiasco--if you want to call it that--lit a fire under our butts to give [iOS development] a try and see if we can make something there."

As for what Twisted Pixel is currently readying for release, 'Splosion Man sequel Ms. Splosion Man hits Xbox Live on July 13. For more on that title, check out GameSpot's most recent hands-on preview of the game.

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