Twisted Metal Walkthrough

Your wish is granted. Our Twisted Metal Walkthrough provides tips for the 18 chapter storyline, tactics for online play, and means for gaining every unlockable.


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  • Storyline Walkthrough: Learn how to beat all 18 story levels for the three playable characters.
  • Multiplayer Tips: The different game matches, and how to beat out the competition. *Coming Soon*

What's New:

  • February 21 2012: Version 1.0. The storyline with unlocks walkthrough is up (blame President's Day for the tardiness). multiplayer tips will be coming soon.

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Walkthrough: Sweet Tooth

Classic Death Match - Sunsprings, CA

Unlocks: SMG Sidearm

The very first stage is a Twisted Metal Staple: the Death Match. You simply need to destroy all of the enemies. This is the easiest stage in the game, so not many details can be given. You can use any combination of vehicles and be just as effective.

If you're low on health remember to use your garage to change vehicles. Also be mindful of the Health Semi Truck, as not only can it restore your own health, but enemy cars can use it as well. It's typically a good tactic to use the Semi even if you aren't badly damaged, simply to prevent the enemy from healing. Additionally, Sunsprings has at least four health packs scattered around town and many powerful weapons inside the movie theater.

Death Match - Killosseum

Unlocks: Reaper

This stage is once again a typical Death Match without any sort of fancy rules, meaning the strategy is minimal. One thing to keep in mind is the very stage you're on. The Killosseum constantly changes its layout, revealing electric floors, structures with platforms, and different kinds of traps. However, this isn't the full Killosseum found in multiplayer and later matches, so it doesn't feature every hazard, such as the lava pit.

Because of the changing layout, consider using a vehicle with some kind of honing special , such as the Outlaw or Sweet Tooth. Still, any set of cars will be rather effective.

Electric Cage Match - Metro Square

Unlocks: Rear Freeze Ability

Finally, a match with some verity. The cage match still requires you to defeat all enemies, but you'll need to remain inside the green laser cage as much as possible. You'll start with a 150 second grace period which ticks down each time you're out of a cage. After the grace period is over you'll take constant damage when not inside a cage.

Because of this you'll want a car that has decent survivability and can still get to the next cage quickly. Death Warrant has the most balance for this job, but also consider Outlaw and Road Boat as backups. Yes, even though your goal is to get inside the cages, you can still head off track and switch cars in the garage. There is also a Semi driving around the stage, but going for it can be risky.

For the most part concentrate on a single enemy first--mainly weak enemies such as Kamikaze and Reaper--before moving into the thicker melee. Don't get too caught up in the fighting: always be ready to race to the next cage and preserve your grace period. You should turbo out of your current cage 3-5 seconds before it completely disappears.

Juggernaut DM - Watkyn's Harbor

Unlocks: Magnum Sidearm

You'll be facing off against the beefy Juggernaut. This enemy has a large amount of health (nearly 700), lots of firepower, and will spawn new enemies. This makes it priority number one. While the Juggernaut doesn't appear on radar, you can still see its name off in the distance.

You'll want a tough car for this match, namely the Outlaw. With a strong vehicle you can easily faceroll all over Juggernaut without much thought. Just remember to dodge the ball mines, as the splash damage is high enough to dent your defenses. If you do wind up close to the beast's weapons quickly put up your shield to avoid the brunt of the damage.

After Juggernaut is destroyed, it's now simple clean up of the remaining enemies. As always take out the low defense enemies, followed by the stronger ones.

Desert Twisted Race - Diablo Pass

Unlocks: Roadkill

Racing has a very different flow than any other match in Twisted Metal. You'll need to make it through the check point gates, arm the bomb gate, and loop back to the starting area. This doesn't mean you only need speed: this is still about destroying key enemies while taking the number one spot.

It's highly recommended that you pilot the speedy Kamikaze, as it's not only the second fastest vehicle but also has one of the best special weapons. The Kamikaze's secondary weapon will freeze anyone nearby, and can be charged to increase the freeze bomb's radius. This will be immensely useful for stalling the majority of the enemies.

Still a few cars, such as Crimson Fury and Reaper, will be a problem in a pure race. Instead of trying to beat these enemies with speed, destroy them with your heaviest weapons, namely ones that can quickly home in on the enemy or cause them to stall. Once these two enemies are dead, not many can compete with the sheer speed of Kamikaze. Just make sure to use tight turns liberally while be conservative with your Turbo boost; you wouldn't want to lose first place missing a turn or falling off a cliff.

The Brothers Grimm

Unlocks: Talon

You'll be up against two giant monster trucks that have lots of health and powerful weapons. There is no garage, but Sunsprings does have plenty of health packs scattered around. The recommended vehicle is one that can easily survive, namely Outlaw.

Always have some Turbo reserved to quickly escape the enemies or dodge their missiles. Pay close attention to the ground, as missiles can lodge into the ground and affectively become mines. The best strategy is to damage the Brothers as much as possible before retreating, healing up and rearming.

It's actually better to go after both enemies instead of focusing on one. By damaging both, you will have an easier time taking out the second brother later on. When the first enemy is destroyed, the remaining foe will armor themselves from all damage. Your goal now is to carefully drive between the monster truck's wheels and deploy your gunner.

Once this is done, wait for the next bar to fill to 100% and detonate your C4. This will kill your gunner, disabling access to your special but overall isn't much of a handicap. As long as you're already armed with main weapons and heeded the advice of already damaging both brothers, the armorless Grimm should die without a hitch.

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Walkthrough: Mr. Grimm

Dual Juggernauts DM - Diesel City

Unlocks: Meat Wagon

This stage is similar to Sweet Tooth's battle with a lone Juggernaut, only time there are two. These Juggs have some extra firepower in the form of a mounted turret, which can hit you from all sides. One thing to remember is that despite there being two of these enemies there is just one spawn timer, meaning that only one enemy will appear every 90 seconds.

As with the previous Juggernaut battle Outlaw is one of the best choices due to its defense and great honing turret special. This time around also consider bringing in Talon. The helicopter is fragile and takes some time to get used to flying it. However, the pay off is one of the strongest special abilities with its first person machine gun turret. This special is powerful enough to destroy a single Juggernaut without much trouble. Just make sure to wait until one of the Juggernauts is by themselves as the other enemies can still aim upward and damage your chopper.

Take out each Juggernaut with a Talon (or two if you take too much damage), quickly get to the garage and switch over to Outlaw. Now its once again just a matter of clean up. The standard tactics apply of destroying low defense enemies first and depriving the AI of good weapons and healing.

Small Area DM Battle - Grindhouse

Unlocks: Vermin

You'll want to make use of two vehicles here: first Outlaw and later Kamikaze. Road Boat or Sweet Tooth are also decent choices for your third. You'll be fighting in very close quarters for the majority of the match, making it useful to deploy close weapons such as the shotgun or constantly lay down mines.

There is a single garage right outside the movie theater, giving you a huge advantage over the other enemies. Since this is a very small arena keep an eye on the Health Semi driving around the perimeter, as runaway enemies can easily use it to restore all of their life.

The overall strategy is to get into the middle of the brawl right away, put up shields and unload on as many weak foes as you can. When it comes down to just 2 or 3 enemies switch up tactics and trade in the Outlaw for the Kamikaze. This will allow you to hunt down the remaining enemies that might try to retreat or hide inside the cinema.

Electric Cage - Thrills and Spills Park

Unlocks: Absorption Shield Ability

This is a Electric Cage match with the same rules as last time. The Park is much more tricky to navigate than the previous city so one is tactic is to rely on Talon to simply fly over the obstacles. However, we personally stuck with Meat Wagon for its durability, average speed and most importantly powerful Gurney Bomb.

Overall this match isn't very challenge as long as you can maintain your grace period long enough to take on at least half the enemies. A good tactic is to attack the enemy as they head to the next cage as the typically won't bother to counter-attack during this time.

Endurance Battle - Watkyn's Harbor

Unlocks: Shotgun Sidearm

It's time for a new match type in the form of Endurance Battle. All of the enemies are against you and when you destroy one, another will quickly spawn. On the plus side you only need to take out eight total foes to complete the round.

As with most matches we recommend either the Outlaw or Meat Wagon to outlast the enemy and pack a powerful punch. The main thing is to go after the weakest enemy, particularly those that are traveling on their own. Reaper is easily the key target in this match, but other speedsters like Crimson Fury and Kamikaze are great targets to clear the map quickly.

A Race to Battle - Sunsprings, CA

Unlocks: Super Mine Ability

Oh boy, another race. The rules have changed for this match. You don't need to make first, simply get into the top four to survive. The biggest annoyance in this battle is the low number of gates you can skip before dying: a mere 12. You'll need to be both quick and careful if you want to make it to the end.

Once again stick with Kamikaze for its speed and freezing special. While Crimson Fury might out right lap you, you can still pick off a few other weak speedsters such as Reaper and Roadkill. However, the biggest problem is blindly racing on a brand new course. Don't feel discouraged if you have to restart due to a crash or missing too many gates.

The track is tricky but you can get a hint of where to turn by paying attention to the arrows on each gate. They will always point you to the next destination, even if you only have half a second to process the information.

Iron Maiden Battle - Dead Man's Crossing

Unlocks: Darkside

Now here's where things get absurd. This is yet another boss battle which means all the normal Twisted Metal conventions can be thrown out the window. First, pick a vehicle that has decent defense, speed and has a special that doesn't travel over land. Outlaw is still among the best choices, but Roadkill and Death Warrant are also manageable.

It isn't mentioned in the game itself, but your first objective is to destroy the red limos and capture the leader that falls on the ground. Drag her over to the parked sacrificer and put up your shields. After the meter charges up you'll blast off a rocket which you must pilot into Iron Maiden. However, Dollface can destroy your missile with her own attacks. You'll need to steer passed the enemy projectiles and accelerate into the monster sided robot.

After hitting her once, you'll need to repeat the process of capturing a leader from a red limo and firing a second missile. This time around the sacrificer will be constantly moving, meaning you'll need to follow behind it to deploy your rocket.

Once you've hit Iron Maiden with two missiles the shields will be down, so pelt it with everything you've got. Specials, homing missiles, bombs, even your basic guns. Once the machine is down to 50% health Dollface will release an Electric Cage.

During this time you only have 40 seconds of Grace Period to stay inside the cage and if you run out you will instantly die. The cage will constantly move with Iron Maiden, meaning that you will need to constantly drive and shoot. On the plus side you only need to deal another 25% damage and will restore to full health at the last check point if you do die.

At the last 25% Dollface will crash the Iron Maiden into the bridge. Use every weapon you have to finish her off once and for all. Just behind you is a Power Missile and Health Pack which will be extremely useful for such a fight. You can also prevent a majority of the on coming damage by jumping over the shockwave attack Iron Maiden uses every few seconds.

The match isn't over yet. Drive forward across the rest of the bridge to heal up and grab more weapons. Dollface will reappear in Iron Maiden's head. It's now a simple matter of unloading all of your firepower. Don't worry, the head is much more flimsy than the whole machine.

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Walkthrough: Dollface

Endurance Battle - Black Rock Stadium

Unlocks: Crimson Fury

Black Rock is the same area as the Killosseum, unless this time it has been improved with a lava pit at the bottom. While this new addition can hurt, you can also use it to travel to the other side of the map, escape enemies, or deal damage to your foes.

Sweet Tooth, Meat Wagon, and Outlaw are a good combination of vehicles to quickly deal with the minimum eight enemies. Each has a fair amount of life and a weapon that will follow moving targets.

Mean Juggernauts DM - Ghost Town Gulch

This match is among the top three hardest events in the game. You'll be up against two Juggernauts and many enemies, plus the total lack of a garage or many Health Packs. The best strategy is an all out quick offense.

As mentioned in other Juggernaut battles, Talon and its special are a great means of taking out a Juggernaut in one go. The rest of the fight in mainly surviving. Keep track of both Health packs: one near the gas station and the other on the short rock bridge.

What also helps immensely is grabbing the Mega Guns tucked inside one of the rocky caves. This side arm is nearly as powerful as Talon's special, making it another great weapon to take down a Juggernaut or clear out the enemy.

The main thing to practice is Talon's controls and weapons. You'll want to know how to quickly avoid and escape attacks and there is nothing worse than wasting a special charge on your magnet when you don't want to.

Endurance Battle - LA Skyline

Unlocks: Rocket Sidearm

Finally, a brand new map. You'll by driving over many sky scrappers and will need a fast vehicle to make some of the tricky jumps. Making use of the new Crimson fury is recommended.

There is of course no Health Semi Truck running around these rooftops, so you'll need to rely on the few med packs around the center location. On the plus side there is a garage around to switch vehicles (who puts such a ting on top a building!?).

As an Endurance Battle you will just need to kill eight enemies by any means. While taking them out with weapons is the most practical means, you can also consider straight up ramming them off the buildings.

Fight for Your Life - Metro Square

Unlocks: Juggernaut

You will need to take out 14 enemies that will all target you. This match is all about endurance, so the top pick for this fight is Darkside. Both its standard and alternate fire weapons deal huge damage and the amount of life will keep you alive for a long time.

Stick to close range weapons as well, such as shotguns (both main weapons and as a side arm) and power missiles. There is a garage around the area, so you can pack a second Darkside or even bring in a Talon.

The helicopter can of course fly out of enemy range, and its magnet special can be used to pick up enemies and drag them into the water. This is a true endurance fight, so expect to be switching in vehicles at least once during this grueling skirmish.

Check Point Race - Diesel City

Unlocks: Shadow

This race is down right evil. You'll be up against unknown trial and error rather than pure racing skill. This is another time where it's good to restart the match each time you miss a check point until you memorize the entire course. Even if you memorize the course you will need to make every tricky jump, as falling can easily net you last place.

One nice thing is that you won't self destruct from missing too many check points, you simply need to make it to first over the wind course, hills and roof tops. The final check point will be inside a moving Health Semi, meaning that it can easily be close to your location or half way across the map. This can also lead to tension at the end as someone in second or third place could get to the bomb trigger first.

Overall use the fastest car possible: Crimson Fury. It's all about speed here but you can also destroy a few pesky competitors along the way, such as Reaper and Kamikaze.

Sweet Tooth's Carnival of Carnage

Unlocks: Skin Packs (Based on difficulty), Laser Sidearm (Twisted)

Time for the final showdown and last boss battle. This fight is scattered over multiple sections with many different objectives. A beefy vehicle will help greatly in this match, but we personally go with either Meat Wagon or Shadow for their special moves.

The first section will be underneath the massive goliath. You can find health and weapons between each set of tires and this hideaway will provide a few seconds of protection from the Sweet Tooth enemies and rampant laser fire. Your goal is to destroy the clown face that pops down every once in awhile. It doesn't have much health, but can counter with a powerful flame thrower. Keep your distance and unload missiles to stay safe.

For the second round you'll be inside a pinball machine. The large red bumpers all around will deal small amounts of damage if you knock into them. However, if you can bash into the blue health markers to turn some of the bumpers into healing markers for a time.

You'll notice running around the area are many sweet tooth minions wielding chainsaws and bombs. Your goal is to avoid the chainsaw users and go after the few with bombs. If there are no more bomb enemies around, hit the bullseye in back to summon more. With a bomb clown strapped to your hood, jet up a ramp and plow into the clown face's eyes and nose. Yup, you'll need to do this process three times.

Once the face is blown away, you'll need to travel through an obstacle course pipe. This isn't simply about speed: you can get by many traps by actually slowing down and switching your time. Alternately you can put up your shields and drive through the crush blades and balls while taking some amount of damage.

Once all the way through the smashing balls and spinning fans you'll automatically switch to a Talon.

For this next area you will need to take out the Sweet Tooth minions until they are fully disabled (a pinkish-purple meter will appear around them). When this happens, switch to your magnet special weapon and grab the minions. Fly them over to the top of the Carnage's head and drop them inside to deal heavy damage. Four or five will be enough to destroy the Carnival of Carnage and end the game.

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