Twisted Metal to include Twisted Metal Black

Initial production run of vehicular combat series' PS3 debut to feature free downloadable copy of PS2 predecessor's original offline version.


Those who plunk down for the latest Twisted Metal will be able to take an older model of the franchise for a spin as well. In a post on the PlayStation Blog today, codirector David Jaffe announced that the first run of Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3 would include vouchers to download 2001's Twisted Metal Black.

Sweet Tooth apparently traded in the ice cream truck for a new set of wheels.
Sweet Tooth apparently traded in the ice cream truck for a new set of wheels.

Twisted Metal Black was the first PlayStation 2 installment in the franchise and, as the name suggests, employed a darker tone and atmosphere than previous versions on the original PlayStation. Although Black was rereleased the following year with online multiplayer support as a promotion for the PS2 network adapter peripheral, Jaffe said the version included with the first printing of Twisted Metal would be the original, offline edition.

The first installment in the series since 2008's Twisted Metal: Head-On - Extra Twisted Edition for the PlayStation 2, Twisted Metal is being developed by Jaffe and many of the series' original developers at Eat Sleep Play. Besides a campaign mode, the game will sport two-player split-screen action, as well as online battles.

For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Twisted Metal.

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