Twisted Metal Kids announced

Sony announces a new Twisted Metal game for the PlayStation that is aimed at kids.


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At the tail end of a press event held for Twisted Metal Black, Sony and TM: Black developer Incognito officially announced the team's latest project; a PS One Twisted Metal game aimed at a drastically younger audience than the adult-themed TM: Black. Tentatively titled Twisted Metal Kids, it is the most light-hearted game in the series and puts players in the shoes of cartoony, child-versions of popular Twisted Metal characters. They fight it out with miniature remote control versions of their vehicles.

Incognito promises that Twisted Metal Kids will offer the same intense deathmatch gameplay of Twisted Metal Black and Twisted Metal 2. Though the game is focused at a younger setting, the designers stressed that the game won't be wacky, and will have solid gameplay that is uncommon in games targeted at such audiences. Still, cartoon versions of Sweet Tooth and Yellowjacket driving RC cars armed with spit wads, bottle rockets, and other toon-like weapons might make Twisted Metal Kids a turnoff for hardcore fans of the series.

The game will feature at least 20 characters and vehicles from previous games in the series, and will have several levels that span kid-orientated environments. Incognito wouldn't specify exactly where the levels will take place, but the studio did say that the basic types of level designs will be carried over from other Twisted Metal games.

Twisted Metal Kids is currently in production alongside Twisted Metal Black. The game is scheduled for a fall 2001 release, and will probably be renamed before then.

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