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Check out the grotesque menagerie that will populate Sony's handheld automotive brawler.


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If you've been playing games on Sony machines since the original PlayStation, odds are you're familiar with the Twisted Metal series. If you're not, well, you should be. The long-running car-combat franchise has consistently offered some of the most madcap, entertaining multiplayer action on any console. Now, Sony and developer Incog are wisely delivering that experience to on-the-go gamers with the upcoming PSP entry in the series, Twisted Metal: Head-On. In advance of the game's release (and, indeed, that of the PSP itself), we present the twisted cast of the latest Twisted Metal.

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Name: Axel
Vehicle: Axel
Tale of the Tape: Age: 38 -- Height: 6' 3" -- Weight: 280 (60 pounds comes from his metal arms)

Backstory: More than a decade ago, Axel was imprisoned in a massive two-wheeled contraption by his father. Axel confronted his father and was told he'd have to spend another decade imprisoned. In a show of defiance, he tore his arms free from the contraption. Soon he found he couldn't handle living without the thing he'd been a part of for so long. He truly felt like he'd lost a part of his body.

Axel then met a doctor that constructed cybernetic arms and feet who would let Axel drive his two-wheeled vehicle once again, on the condition that he turn over his wish to the doctor should he win Twisted Metal.

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Crimson Fury

Name: Agent Shepherd
Vehicle: Crimson Fury
Tale of the Tape: Age: 34 -- Height: 6' 1" -- Weight: 200

Backstory: Agent Shepherd is a good and dedicated FBI agent who entered Twisted Metal with the goal of bringing the FBI's most wanted man, Calypso, to justice. He's a simple and straightforward man, so if he wins Twisted Metal, Shepherd hopes to capture Calypso (with the help of the FBI).

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Name: Krista Sparks
Vehicle: Grasshopper
Tale of the Tape: Age: 15 -- Height: 5' 1" -- Weight: 105 (when she was alive)

Backstory: Krista Sparks is the long-dead daughter of Calypso. Calypso and his entire family were killed in a brutal car accident. Calypso escaped death by stealing a demon's powers, but he was unable to bring his family with him.

Calypso attempted to rescue his daughter from the afterlife but soon discovered that while he could summon her spirit, it would only be temporarily. For her to truly live again, she must win Twisted Metal and wish for this life herself.

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Name: Catfish
Vehicle: Hammerhead
Tale of the Tape: Age: 47 -- Height: 6' 1" -- Weight: 175

Backstory: Catfish, a man who prides himself as the mighty hunter, decided to modify his favorite rig to compete in this year's Twisted Metal, because after all, it's just another form of hunting, though it's done vehicular style. Catfish's illustrious, and often illegal, hunting obsession has resulted in the collection of the head of every type of big-game creature he's been able to claim to proudly hang in his trophy room. Now, Catfish's ultimate dream is to hunt the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom--the human--in an all-out, man-versus-man struggle for the survival of the fittest in the raw wilderness.

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Mr. Grimm

Name: Mr. Grimm
Vehicle: Mr. Grimm
Tale of the Tape: Age: 26 -- Height: 5' 10" -- Weight: 180 (all stats are from when he was human)

Backstory: Mr. Grimm is, in fact, the Grim Reaper himself. At some point during his centuries of work, he attempted to devour a soul instead of taking it to its next destination. He then became hooked, so he needed to devour more and more souls. He soon found himself absorbing more souls than he was delivering. This craving drove Mr. Grimm to the point of insanity. Now, realizing he can't take it anymore, Mr. Grimm enters Twisted Metal hoping that Calypso can give someone else the job of being the Grim Reaper.

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Mr. Slam

Name: Simon Whittlebone
Vehicle: Mr. Slam
Tale of the Tape: Age: 33 -- Height: 5' 9" -- Weight: 200 (when he was alive)

Backstory: Simon Whittlebone was the mastermind behind Whittlebone Tower, a skyscraper that was to stretch taller than any building that had come before it. While the building was under construction, Simon climbed to the top of the tower and shouted to the universe that this creation made him a god. He then lost his balance and fell to the ground. With the mastermind dead, the tower was never finished. Companies tried to tear the remains down, but strange and ghostly things always kept people at bay. It seems that Simon's spirit has been haunting the tower.

His spirit possesses one of the construction vehicles, and he enters Twisted Metal with the hopes of being reborn so he can finish his tower.

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Name: Captain Jamie Roberts, Sergeant Carl Roberts
Vehicle: Outlaw 2
Tale of the Tape: Age: 27 -- Height: 5' 6" -- Weight: 135, Age: 31 -- Height: 5'8" -- Weight: 165

Backstory: Jamie and her brother, Carl, were once decorated and respected police officers. Jamie's brother had competed in and won a previous Twisted Metal. Upon making his wish, Calypso tricked and imprisoned him. Jamie entered and won a subsequent Twisted Metal and was able to rescue her brother. Now they're competing together with the goal of bringing down Calypso and Twisted Metal once and for all.

Jamie hopes to merely bring the contest to an end. She doesn't know that her brother plans to kill Calypso if he gets the chance.

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Name: Marcus Kane
Vehicle: Roadkill
Tale of the Tape: Age: 35 -- Height: 5' 11" -- Weight: 255

Backstory: Marcus Kane is a man plagued with nightmares of competing in past Twisted Metal competitions. These nightmares have gotten worse and worse. Desperate to put these nightmares to rest once and for all, he decides to compete in what he believes to be another nightmare. He doesn't realize this Twisted Metal is for real, though.

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Name: Mortimer Scharf
Vehicle: Shadow
Tale of the Tape: Age: Long Dead -- Height: 5' 3" -- Weight: 115

Backstory: Mortimer, a former caretaker of wayward souls, had long since gone back to rest in his coffin. One night, some kids were goofing around near Mortimer's grave. One of them read the "Gone but not forgotten" inscription on the tombstone and drunkenly decided to see if it was true. The kids dug up the grave and woke up Mortimer. This upset Mortimer, who found that he then couldn't go back to sleep.

Exhausted and desperate to go back to his eternal slumber, Mortimer entered Twisted Metal hoping Calypso could put him back to sleep.

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Name: Chuckie Floop
Vehicle: Spectre
Tale of the Tape: Age: 19 -- Height: 6' 2" -- Weight: 195

Backstory: A popular radio station, KXYZ, once received a confusing giveaway prize from an anonymous source. The prize? A "special" vehicle to use for competing in a contest called Twisted Metal. All you had to do to win was be the seventh caller. Of course, the DJs had no clue what they were giving away, and the seventh caller, Chuckie Floop, was just happy to win something. Chuckie didn't realize what he was in for and soon discovered from the mysterious contest creator that the winner would be granted any wish he or she desired. Unsure as to how the contest worked or how anyone could grant wishes, Chuckie's mind focused on the important question: "What will I wish for?"

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Sweet Tooth

Name: Needles Kane
Vehicle: Sweet Tooth
Tale of the Tape: Age: Unknown -- Height: 5' 9" -- Weight: 185

Backstory: Needles is by far the most aggressive competitor Twisted Metal has ever known. He's competed in every Twisted Metal and has become known as the insane clown. He's become tired of his position as a simple competitor, and with his wish, he hopes to take over Twisted Metal altogether.

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Name: Angel
Vehicle: Thumper
Tale of the Tape: Age: 25 -- Height: 5' 7" -- Weight: 120

Backstory: For years, Angel has wanted to compete with the big boys and their lowriding, customized, bass-pumping vehicles. Growing up, she's watched her brothers and cousins build, modify, and create incredible vehicles, while basking in all the attention and notoriety that comes along with them. She's had to stand by the sidelines simply watching the car show competitions instead of competing herself. Twisted Metal was just the opportunity she was looking for. If she wins, she'll finally have the car that puts them all to shame.

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Name: Miranda Watts
Vehicle: Twister
Tale of the Tape: Age: 25 -- Height: 5' 2" -- Weight: 100

Backstory: Miranda's twin sister, Amanda, competed in Twisted Metal a few years ago, and she's been missing ever since. Miranda's been on an exhaustive hunt for her sister but hasn't had any luck finding her. She eventually followed Amanda's trail to Calypso, who offered her a seat in the upcoming Twisted Metal. Miranda is no stranger to racing, as she and Amanda used to be the top two female car racers in the world. She agrees to enter Twisted Metal and knows exactly what she'll wish for: her sister's return.

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Name: Colonel Hall
Vehicle: Warthog
Tale of the Tape: Age: 36 -- Height: 6' 4" -- Weight: 255

Backstory: Colonel Hall wanted to be a military man since he was a little kid. From the start, he excelled at all forms of combat, and tactics came naturally to him. The Army sent him to compete in Twisted Metal with the hope that he'd win and acquire an ultimate weapon. When he wins, Colonel Hall will wish for that ultimate weapon, which will be something that will enable him to easily take out all the evildoers of the world.

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Cousin Eddy

Name: Cousin Eddy
Vehicle: RV
Tale of the Tape: Age: 29 -- Height: 6' -- Weight: 300

Backstory: Cousin Eddy was born in a backwater Ozark pigsty called Sour Creek, which you won't find on any map. He's a textbook case of what can go wrong when cousins marry cousins. Eddy was the strongest man in town by the time he was 10, though his malformed, inbred brain had stopped developing at age three. Eddy only had two loves: "smashin' things" and collecting "shiny things." By 13, he owned all the shiny things in Sour Creek. After he'd finished his smashing, the place was kind of lonely, though. So he wandered off in search of more shiny things and more things to smash. When he stumbled across the Twisted Metal competition, he thought he'd found paradise. Eddy then gathered a band of drifters--"cousins," he called them--whom he coerced by brute strength into helping him transform a trashed RV into a nightmarish killing machine. Now he could blast his way into Twisted Metal. So much to smash. So many shiny things...

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Gene Ruttish

Name: Gene
Vehicle: ATV
Tale of the Tape: Age: 22 -- Height: 5' 9" -- Weight: 185

Backstory: Gene Ruttish had always fancied himself a ladies' man. Unfortunately, no one ever told the ladies. All his life he's tried one crazy ATV stunt after another in the vain attempt to gain their favor. For years he's been living by the credo: "Bones heal. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever." Years of trying crazy stunts have made him quite the skilled driver and willing risk-taker. Joining Cousin Eddy's caravan has given him a place to show off his skills, and Twisted Metal will be his latest stage for trying to "wow" the women. Gene knows exactly what he wants from Twisted Metal. When he wins, he'll ask Calypso to make him the most desired man on the planet.

Dark Tooth

Name: Marcus Kane / Needles Kane
Vehicle: Dark Tooth
Tale of the Tape: Age: 35 -- Height: 5' 11" -- Weight: 255, Age: Unknown -- Height: 5' 9" -- Weight: 185

Backstory: Terrible things can happen when a man comes to grips with his dark side. Marcus has spent his life running from his nightmares, while Needles has devoted his life to making his nightmares come true. When Marcus surrenders to Needles, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Marcus' rational mind and Needles' fevered insanity descend into a vortex of sinister chaos. The only possible outcome is the total annihilation of anything that stands in the way.

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