Twin Cobra Hands-On Impressions

We decided a single cobra just isn't enough, so it's a good thing Bandai's porting two of 'em to mobile.


Twin Cobra, the hit helicopter shooter from the 80s, is coming to Verizon BREW. Twin Cobra, in the vein of Sky Shark and Xevious, features a helicopter destroying hordes of enemy vehicles and picking up weapon power-ups. The two-player simultaneous play is missing in this mobile version, which is a key element in the arcade fun.

However, everything else seems faithful to the original. The graphics are solid and colorful with a superb frame rate. The sound is also good, and Bandai went as far as to emulate the background game music accurately.

Bandai confirmed that Twin Cobra’s overabundant weaponry, common in 80s shooters, will be in the final product. Play-testing is currently underway to meet a July release.

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