Twilyt Productions announces Zulu War

A turn-based strategy game based on the battles between the British and Zulu armies is in development. Screenshots inside.


Zulu War

Twilyt Productions has sent word that it has started development on its upcoming turn-based strategy game, Zulu War. The development team is making sure that the portrayal of two major British and Zulu encounters - the battles at Isandwana and Rorke's Drift - are as accurate as possible by using actual terrain data taken from specific battlefields and by examining hundreds of accounts of the battles. Up to 30,000 units can come under the player's control as the leader of the British or Zulu armies, but there are missions where players are responsible for a much smaller group. Morale, fatigue, visibility, and health all affect the way the player's troops perform in battle, and there are even different weather effects that can change the state of the terrain. Zulu War also has Internet and LAN multiplayer support, as well as an online league where players are rated and tournaments are held.

Zulu War is due out in November of 2001, with an expansion pack following in mid-2002.

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