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Twilight Princess HD Confirmed, Amiibo Works With Zelda Wii U

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Following rumors last month and a steady train of Zelda franchise remakes, Nintendo today confirmed that GameCube/Wii crossover title, Twilight Princess, is coming to Wii U.

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Dubbed Twilight Princess HD, the game will have updated graphics, and it's being headed up by Australian developer Tantalus.

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But the updated version of Twilight Princess will include more than just a visual upgrade; it will come packaged with a newly announced Wolf Link Amiibo, and it will support the other Legend of Zelda Amiibo characters from the Smash Bros. roster (e.g. Toon Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, etc.).

While he didn't include specifics, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said that progress saved to Amiibo from Twilight Princess would carry over in some way to the upcoming The Legend of Zelda game on Wii U.

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Twilight Princess HD is due out March 4, 2016 and is avaialble for pre-order now. Since 2016 is the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda franchise, we can expect even more announcements and news next year. Now that every other console game has been remade, maybe an HD version of Skyward Sword is on the horizon?

You can read all of the news and announcements from today's Nintendo Direct right here.

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