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Turok Remastered Releases on PC This Week

For those about Turok, we salute you!


Players hoping to shoot some dinosaurs this week are going to get what they want. The remastered Turok by Night Dive Studios will be hitting the PC this Thursday.

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Night Dive founder Steven Kick clarified to Eurogamer that the remaster is based on the PC version and not the Nintendo 64 port.

Kick also confirmed that the following improvements will be present in the remastered dinosaur-shooting romp:

  • Support for high resolutions and widescreen.
  • Improved gameplay and level design.
  • OpenGL for video backend to provide portability and support for vertical sync.
  • Dynamic lighting, bloom, FXAA, enhanced water effects, lights shafts and more.
  • Ability to freely rebind all keyboard, mouse, and gamepad inputs.
  • Steam Achievements.

Originally announced in August, the developer also said that it would be remastering Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. According to the studio, both of the remasters will feature "enhanced graphics and other improvements."

This isn't the first time the developer has remastered a classic game. Night Dive also enhanced the original System Shock, which was released back in September.

Turok Remastered launches on December 17 and will be available on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store.

New screenshots of the remastered game were released last week. And after announcing that Night Dive Studios acquired the rights to the System Shock franchise, it's been revealed that System Shock 3 is in the works.

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