Turok 2 Could Rock

What we saw of Turok 2: The Seeds of Evil definitely impressed.


Turok the Dinosaur hunter was undoubtedly one of the best games available at the beginning of the N64's life-span. It not only sold by the truckload, it offered good graphics and even better gameplay. Well, fans of the original had better cancel plans for the month of October because what we saw at Iguana Studios in Austin, Texas, will literally blow you away.

Turok 2: The Seeds of Evil will be coming home this October on a 32-Meg cartridge. It, along with Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, will be the two largest games available on the N64 this holiday season. The extra RAM has been well spent. Improvements abound in just about every area: the fog that plagued the original has now been pushed back far into the background so that it no longer is an issue. The repetitive textures found in the first game have now been replaced by a much larger amount of texture variety. According to Iguana, no two levels have the same texture palettes, so each stage will look unique. Monsters boast a higher polygon count and look almost too good. Dramatic lighting effects also add to the realism. This game may well be the best-looking game this holiday season.

If that weren't enough, in a surprise move, Acclaim has already implemented compatibility with Nintendo's rumored 4-Meg RAM cartridge. If you think the game looks good already, you can't imagine what it looks like running in hi-res at an even smoother frame-rate. Let's hope that Nintendo releases this RAM cartridge, because Turok 2, in combination with the RAM-cart, rivals 3Dfx-accelerated PC games. Even without it, the game looks unbelievably good, so either way, fans of Turok will have something to cheer about this October.

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