Turn StarCraft 2's Graphics Into a Cute Cartoon With This New Mod

You don't even need to own the game to check it out.


The long-awaited StarCrafts mod for StarCraft II has finally arrived, allowing you to play the game with the look of a cute cartoon.

An Indiegogo campaign launched in 2015 to reskin the game based on the cartoon style of the online StarCrafts video series. Crowdfunding was a big success, raising over $99,000, well in excess of the $70,000 goal.

You don't need to have been involved with that to check out the mod now that it's out. In fact, you don't even need to own any version of StarCraft II, as it's available as a custom game type through the free StarCraft Arcade. That comes as part of the StarCraft II Starter Edition, which can be downloaded here.

Once you're in-game, be it the Starter Edition or not, you'll want to go to the Arcade section and search for "star crafts mod" with the spaces.

You can see the mod in action in the trailer above and see some screenshots below.

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