Turn 10: We're not holding back cars for Forza 5 DLC

"I think people misunderstand the way these things work," creative director says of the DLC development process.

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Turn 10 is not holding back cars so it can release them as downloadable content for Forza Motorsport 5, creative director Dan Greenawalt told OXM in a new interview. His comments came after it was revealed that Forza 5 would feature 200 on-disc cars, with dozens more to come later as DLC.

"We're not keeping anything back," Greenawalt said. "I think people misunderstand the way these things work. It takes us six months to build a car, so when I say there's a ten-car pack launching day one--they're not done. We're not done with them yet."

"So we're not holding anything back; we were crunching to make sure we had this level of quality on all 200 cars. Every one had to be Forza-level of quality. This was as many as we could build-- straight up," he added.

Greenawalt explained that Turn 10 designed and developed Forza 5 cars in waves, so that the final 200 could be ready in time to be included on-disc. Months later, the developer began work on the various vehicles that will be delivered as day-one DLC, Greenawalt said. This process will continue so new cars can be delivered the first week of every month beginning in January and running through March as part of the $50 Forza 5 DLC Pass.

"The whole thing is timed so that we're getting them done right before we launch them," he said.

"The issue is, when you're trying to do new cars and it takes us six months to build a car, it's hard to stay fresh," he added. "Even when we get data from the manufacturers, they build their cars up to the last second, and then we get the data and we've got to add six months on top. And if you want to have a hot car, you need to start it as late as possible, which means finishing it as late as possible."

Even without the DLC cars for Forza 5, Greenawalt said he believes the racing game offers a tremendous value for players.

"I don't believe there has been a racing game at launch that has been this size. By a long shot. 200 plus cars, tons of environments-- this is a huge game," he said. "If you play one car a day, let's say, that's 200 cars. That's a lot of value. I understand people being angry, because money is money, but this is not a short game or a small game and we're absolutely not holding anything back."

Forza 5 is an Xbox One launch title and will be released on November 22. Copies of the game are shipping to retailers now.

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