Try to Land Elon Musk's SpaceX Rocket in This Challenging Browser Game

You may just appreciate what SpaceX is trying to do even more.


SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has a grand vision for multi-planetary travel involving reusable rockets. This concept, in theory, will make traveling to space easier and less expensive. But it's also proving to be very difficult to land the unnamed rockets back on earth safely to refuel them. (You've probably seen one of them tip over and explode.) Now, you can try to land the rocket yourself through a new game called SpaceX Falcon 9 Lander, developed and published for educational purposes by the MIT Media Lab.

The concept of the game is simple enough: land the rocket on the pad and you win. But you'll quickly see that this is no easy task. You control the rocket with the arrow or WASD keys. The up arrow, or W keys, control the thrusters, while you'll also need to move to the left or right to line up the rocket. In addition, you can hit H to see a velocity vector that will show you where the rocket is headed.

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You can't just spam the thrusters, however, as you only have a certain amount of fuel. Check out the game here.

Obviously, landing a real rocket out at sea is far more challenging, but this new game may just make you appreciate what Musk and SpaceX are trying to do all the more. Were you able to land the rocket safely? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: TechInsider

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