Try Raid: Shadow Legends Now For A Free Legendary Champion

Raid: Shadow Legends are giving away a ton of free stuff to get you started.

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Three years in, Raid: Shadow Legends remains the premiere turn-based RPG on PC or mobile, and the developers at Plarium are full speed ahead on new content for the game’s massive player base of more than a million daily players.

For those unaware, Raid: Shadow Legends is a collection RPG with over 500 highly animated and realistic characters, which combined with their unique artifacts means players can make over one million different builds. Players will make their heroes, build teams, and then engage in epic CVC and PVP battles in order to take control of the world of Teleria.

As Raid’s developers understand that the start is always the hardest part, right now the game is offering a ton of free stuff to get new players going. Current free items include a legendary hero in Deliana, a free promo code with benefits exclusive to GameSpot users, and a chance to win an $80 gift card through opening two sacred shards in 30 days.

These free items are just a few of the many reasons why you should check out RAID: Shadow Legends, and while we certainly don’t have time to get into all of them today, here’s some more information on what makes those freebies great.

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A Free Legendary you’d hate to miss

Deliana is a top-notch legendary champion from the high elves faction with a specialty in HP. Her kit includes multiple debuffs crucial to breaking through enemy defenses, and a block buff that resists all enemy attacks for two straight turns. She can also heal enemies relative to her max HP level, as well as strengthen them through support spells. There’s a lot to like about this particular champion, and you can add her to your roster for the affordable price of “free.”

To add Deliana to your party, download Raid: Shadow Legends and log in for seven days. This doesn’t have to be seven days in a row, so if your mobile device gets broken or you’re too busy to play for a day, the bonus is not going away. This is a limited time offer however, so if you want to start with a legendary champion on your side, download Raid and get her while she's still up for grabs.

Use Promocode RaidGameSpot2022 to get exclusive gifts

Another way to get a head start is by using the promo code “RaidGameSpot2022” in-game. This will add a few beginner’s bumps to your account, including double XP and three free energy refills.

To earn these rewards, simply download the game and type the promo code into the dropdown bar on the left of the home screen--also known as “the bastion.”

The list of everything you will gain from the promo code is below:

  • XP Brew Magic X5
  • Energy Refill X3
  • 1,000,000 Silver
  • Skill Tome Rare X1
  • XP +100% X1

That extremely fluid and thoughtful turn-based combat

Finally, while most RPGs focus on action-heavy combat, Raid: Shadow Legends sticks with the tried-and-true turn-based combat from classic RPGs of old. Not only does it still work, but Raid’s version is so deep and captivating that it feels so much more satisfying than any action RPG could be.

The combat system is built around the champions, which you will unlock over time through playing the game. These champions make up your party, a party made up entirely by you, and as mentioned previously there are over a million different team combinations to be made while playing the game. No two player experiences will ever be the same.

Whether you’re facing off against the game’s toughest bosses or challenging your friends in the game’s robust PvP offerings, Raid: Shadow Legends’ turn-based combat system will test your mind and reflexes in each battle. Victory will not be achieved easily, but getting there will be incredibly satisfying. You don’t want to miss it--download Raid: Shadow Legends today.

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