Try Out Overwatch's New Map Now on PC

And get a look at some new Reinhardt skins.


Ahead of its scheduled September release, Overwatch players on PC can now try out the game's new map.

Eichenwalde is now available on the Public Test Realm version of Overwatch. This is the version of the game where Blizzard releases new patches ahead of time in order to test them. Last week, it released a big PTR update that made balance changes, introduced Season 2 of Competitive Play, and started replacing a certain phrase in chat.

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Conspicuously absent from the update was Eichenwalde, which was revealed just prior to the patch's release. We've since gotten to check out the map--you can watch some gameplay in the video above--but now everyone who owns Overwatch on PC can do so for themselves.

If you don't already have the PTR version of the game installed, you can download it by changing your region to PTR: Overwatch (from the drop-down menu just above the Play button) in the client.

According to a forum post by director Jeff Kaplan, the new map will show up in both Quick Play and Competitive matches. If you'd prefer to only play Eichenwalde, there's a special Brawl you can choose that only consists of matches on the new map.

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Additionally, this update brings with it two new Legendary-level Reinhardt skins, Balderich and Greifhardt. You can see them both above.

Last week, Blizzard released the next animated Overwatch short, and it might be the best one yet. We also got the chance to speak with Blizzard about the future of the game.

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