Try Games Without Downloading With New Google Play Feature

More playing and less waiting.


At the Game Developers Conference this week, Google introduced a nifty new feature that should remove some friction between players and games they may be interested in. Called "Google Play Instant," the feature allows users to try select Android games without downloading them. It details the new feature on its official blog.

Currently the Instant Gameplay section includes only a handful of titles like Clash Royale, Words With Friends 2, and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. That section may be slow to grow for the foreseeable future, too, because right now the feature is only in closed beta. Still, the option will allow players to demo games more easily, which is clearly the goal from Google's perspective.

CNET reports that this comes alongside a revision of the Google Play Games app to include an "Arcade" tab, along with new content sorting features. This effort is an update to Google's existing Instant Apps feature, introduced in 2016. That allowed users to access certain features, such as a purchase through a retail app, without actually installing it.

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