True Detective Creator Is Parting Ways With FX - Report

Redeemer, his next show, now has an uncertain future.


Fans who can't wait to see what's next from True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto are going to have to remain patient. The Hollywood Reporter is indicating that the writer-director is negotiating to be let out of his contract with FX and Fox 21/Touchstone Television. No comment from the parties involved has been released, so it's not exactly clear why the relationship is coming to an end.

What is clear is this means the show Redeemer is no longer moving forward, at least at FX. Due to reunite Pizzolatto and Matthew McConaughey--whose unforgettable performance as the damaged detective Rust Cohle in True Detective Season 1 still haunts everyone who saw it--Redeemer was created by Pizzolatto and inspired by Patrick Colman's debut novel titled The Churchgoer, Redeemer. McConaughey was to star as a minister who loses his faith, becomes a security guard, and searches for a missing woman in Texas. Rather than finding her, he wanders through a criminal conspiracy that connects with his past.

Their pairing has proven a winning combo in the past. Season 1 of True Detective received 12 Emmy Award nominations, including McConaughey's nomination for Lead Actor in a Drama Series, and Pizzolatto's nomination for Writing for a Drama Series, and won five awards.

Redeemer had been given a series order at FX in January 2020. It's unknown if the show will still be viable at other networks or is (hopefully not) dead in the water.

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