True Crime's soundtrack announced

West Coast gangsta rap pumps companion CD to Activision's would-be GTA.


Don't like West Coast hip-hop? Then you better pump down the volume if you're going to play True Crime: Streets of LA.

The soundtrack CD for Activision's answer to Grand Theft Auto was revealed today, and while the GTA series opted for a variety of musical genres, the True Crime soundtrack will be straight-up gangsta. Twenty original tracks from West Coast rappers will be featured on the disc, produced by Koch Entertainment and Vybe Squad, Activision's music partners on the project.

The most famous name is the ubiquitous Snoop Dogg, who is joined by other current chart-toppers, like Westside Connection and DJ Quik. The soundtrack also includes new material from old names like Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. and Warren G.

The complete lineup of tunes is as follows:

  • 1. Dance With Me - Snoop Dogg
  • 2. True Crime Remix (Young West Edition) - The Game, Young Dre, Bishop, & Sixx John
  • 3. Terrorist Threat - Westside Connection
  • 4. Don't Fight The Pimpin' - Suga Free - DJ Quik
  • 5. I'll Do Anything - Damizza, N.U.N.E.
  • 6. We Came Here To Ride - Warren G. Feat RBX
  • 7. Drinks in the Air - Hollywood (Unique, J'Nel, Swoop)
  • 8. Hollywood - Bizzy Bone
  • 9. Thug Night (Let Me See Something) - Jayo Felony
  • 10. We Don't Stop/Soulstar
  • 11. Do Time - Pomona City Rydaz, Lil ½ Dead
  • 12. Legends - Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. and Battlecat
  • 13. Don't Do Tha Crime (Trailer Theme) Kam feat. Cavie & Above the Law
  • 14. They Don't Know - Dee Dimes Feat. Bigg Swoop
  • 15. G'z Moving - Big Tray Deee, feat. Pomona City Rydaz
  • 16. Flow - Sly Boogy
  • 17. How We Live - Lil ½ Dead, Showtime, Kontroversy & Quicktomac
  • 18. Roll Wit Me - Young Billionaires
  • 19. Cali Folks - Stylistik
  • 20. Get It Craccin' - Lil' Eazy-E
True Crime: Streets of LA is scheduled to start in on the carjacking November 4.

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