True Crime: NYC ships for consoles, coming to PC

Activision's cop caper in Big Apple on its way to stores for PS2, Xbox, and GameCube; PC version to be published by Aspyr next January.


True Crime: New York City

New York City, once known for its mean streets and dangerous neighborhoods, is about to undergo another vicious crime spree. Thankfully for those who live in "the city so nice, they named it twice," the culprit is Activision and the crime is virtual.

Activision reps have confirmed that True Crime: New York City has shipped to retailers and will be on shelves tomorrow. The PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube game was developed by Luxoflux, an Activision subsidiary that previously worked its home turf of Los Angeles into TC:NYC's predecessor, True Crime: Streets of LA.

In the game, players wear the badge of Marcus Reed, a former gang member turned law enforcer in Gotham. Reed will run rampant through an accurate rendition of NYC, using and abusing his power to find the scum that murdered his father. The player will be good cop and bad cop in one, cleaning up various neighborhoods while accomplishing goals by any means necessary.

Aspyr Media today also announced that another version of True Crime: New York City will be joining the force. The publisher will release the game for the PC sometime in January 2006.

True Crime: New York City is rated M for Mature and retails for $49.99 on consoles. For more information, interrogate GameSpot's previous coverage, or check back next week for a full review.

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