Truck Driver Playing Pokemon Go Kills Young Boy in Japan

The driver admits he was playing the game while driving.


Since the initial craze around Pokemon Go has settled somewhat, there have seemingly been fewer incidents involving the mobile game. That unfortunately is not the case today, with a report coming out of Japan that a young boy has been killed by a person playing while driving.

According to the Japan Times (via Polygon), nine-year-old Keita Noritake was hit by a truck while on his way home from school in Ichinomiya, Aichi. He died two hours later.

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The 36-year-old driver of the truck, Nobusuke Kawai, has since been arrested. The local police say he admits to playing the game while driving, something he says he frequently does when in a car.

Over the summer, there were countless examples of dangerous or frightening moments involving the game: people were shot at, stabbed, and robbed, while others crashed into police cars or walked off a high cliff. There have been positives, as the game brought people together in a new way, though it's a shame more people have not heeded the warnings of the police and developers.

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